The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 168

Chapter 168 No Feng Descendent Is A Good For Nothing

Si Mobai looked down at Feng Tianlan and wondered how she was going to respond. Feng Xiang had made a sound argument.

The Feng clan would never allow a good-for-nothing to be its head.

"South Winds Nations top female genius?" Feng Tianlan looked up and glanced at Feng Xiupei with disdain.

"Thats right, Peier is not just the top but the first, having reached Advanced-stage Spiritual Master at merely fifteen." Feng Xiang spoke about her with great pride. His daughter was the first in many decades to reach Advanced-stage Spiritual Master at fifteen.

One was a good-for-nothing, the other a genius. It was obvious who was more eligible to be the Feng Clan Head unless you were blind.

Feng Tianlan only snorted in response to Feng Xiangs great pride, and she looked even more disdainfully at Feng Xiupei with her phoenix eyes. "The first female genius do you think youre worthy of that title?"

"Haha!" Feng Xiang laughed loudly when he heard Feng Tianlan try to mock his daughter. "Youre only a good-for-nothing stuck at the First-stage Spiritualist stage, and you want to question Peiers eligibility?"

The guests were on the verge of tears from laughing at how ignorant and insane Feng Tianlan was for saying something like that. Such boastful words were the greatest joke theyd ever heard in their entire lives.

"No Feng clan descendant is a good-for-nothing." Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows, intensifying the arrogance on her face as she looked down at Feng Xiupei, who was an inch shorter than her. "We can battle it out, and you are sure to lose!"

"Oh my god, did I hear that right? Feng Tianlan wants to challenge Feng Xiupei to a fight."

"Its like were living a fantasy world. A good-for-nothing wants to challenge a genius."

"This battle will be so stupid and so meaningless."

Feng Tianlans challenge was like a pebble thrown on the surface of a lake, causing ripples in the water.

No Feng clan descendant was a good-for-nothing!

What an inspiring and stirring statement!

But then, shed also said that they could battle it out and that Feng Xiupei was going to lose!

Here was both madness and hilarity in one statement.

"Feng Tianlan, you really overestimate yourself," Feng Xiupei couldnt hold it in anymore after hearing Feng Tianlans bold and crazy statement. A good-for-nothing had challenged a genius like her to a fight. Her teeth were going to fall out from laughing.

And not just any genius, but Feng Xiupei, the top genius. How ridiculous!

"Theres nothing for me to be afraid of," Feng Xiupei snorted with disdain as she looked at Feng Tianlan. Some hypocrisy lingered on her pretty face. "Its just that, if I hurt Eldest Sister, you might say something about pampering the concubines daughter and destroying the rightful heiress again."

Feng Tianlan was the one whod come looking for trouble, not her. A fighter was responsible for his own death in such a battle. So, if she killed Feng Tianlan in a fair fight, nobody could say anything negative about her.

At most, they would say that Feng Tianlan had overestimated herself when shed challenged a genius to a fight, and that was why shed been killed.

"Deal," Feng Tianlan calmly agreed, as if she were agreeing to a dinner date and not a fight to death.

A battle of life and death sounded pretty interesting to Feng Tianlan, and she expected that it would be would satisfying to torture Feng Xiupei.

Seeing that Feng Tianlan was still calm about this matter, Feng Xiupei snorted. Sure, she thought, this is your last chance to say insane things like this. When you die, you wont even know what hit you.

"Shes not just challenging Feng Xiupei, but shes agreed to fight a battle of life and death?"

"Has she been pushed over the edge, or she doesnt know that shes headed for annihilation?"

"I think its more like shes been pushed into a corner. One is trying to snatch power from her, and another is trying to snatch her man. If anyone did something like that to me, Id go mad too."

Everyone was mocking and discussing. Suddenly, everyone grew quiet. Feng Tianlan was about to speak.




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