The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 169

Chapter 169 Feng Tianlan Is Just Boasting

Feng Tianlan looked up and scanned the guests in the courtyard with her phoenix eyes as if she were a king. "After I defeat Feng Xiupei, I will become the Feng Clan Head, and the Fengs will have a banquet at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant. All who come will receive a Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pill until no more stock is left."


There was an uproar immediately after Feng Tianlan finished speaking. It was like a huge rock had struck the surface of a calm lake, causing a huge splash, and the people could not contain their excitement.

"There are a thousand guests, so that means a thousand Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills! Did I hear wrongly?"

"Feng Xiang gave out a hundred Spirit Gathering Pills per day over three days, so thats only three hundred pills. That was already the most generous gesture Ive seen in all of South Winds Nation before."

"Giving away a thousand Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills and hosting a banquet at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant makes Feng Xiangs generosity look like a drop in the ocean."

"I think shes exaggerating, though. Even if all the alchemists in South Winds Nation started making pills now, it would take ten to fifteen days to make a thousand pills. There might not even be enough herbs to do this."

"I agree shes a good-for-nothing who isnt loved by her family, so she wont have money to buy these pills either."

"A good-for-nothing challenging a genius is a joke in the first place. We can just listen and watch, but we cant take it seriously."

At first, the guests were shocked by Feng Tianlans words. But, after some discussion, they felt like it was probably impossible. She couldnt be taken seriously.

Who was Feng Tianlan, anyway?

For the past decade, shed been the ultimate, legendary good-for-nothing of South Winds Nation, a useless person who couldnt even gather spirits. How was she going to fight a genius? It was pure guts and really thick skin.

Promising to give away a thousand Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills was even crazier.

If it were so easy to obtain pills, then alchemists wouldnt be in such high demand among strong fighters.

Even a Grade 5 Medical Errand Child who could make Blood Clotting Powder was worthy of respect, never mind an alchemist who could make Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills.

They didnt take Feng Tianlan seriously at all and took her words as a joke.

Feng Xiupei was also initially taken aback by the promise of pills, but after listening to the crowd, she also didnt take it seriously. Even if Feng Tianlan had pills, she would probably only have a few. She couldnt have a thousand. This tall tale was probably just Feng Tianlans deceptive tactic to try to win the peoples hearts.

Feng Tianlan didnt mind the comments. The rumors about her being a good-for-nothing had been going around for ten years now and were deeply rooted in everyones minds. It was only natural for them to disbelieve her, but they would believe soon enough.

Xu Jiayi looked at Feng Tianlan with disdain and scoffed, "A thousand Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills? Even if you could breathe them out, its ridicu-"

Before Xu Jiayi could finish talking, there was a loud, sudden boom as a hefty object came crashing down to the ground and caused a huge uproar!

"Oops. Ive really breathed out a thousand Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills." Feng Tianlan gently curled her lips and looked calmly at Feng Xiupei and the rest, whose expressions had changed.

Everyone took several steps back in shock when they saw the enormous red furnace that had suddenly appeared. Then they opened their eyes wide when they realized that the furnace was giving off the faint, familiar smell of herbs. They could only think one thing.

Judging from the smell, could there be pills inside the furnace?

But was that possible? Others used small pill furnaces for making pills, who on earth used such a huge one?

So, all the guests started gathering around to get a closer look at the colossal furnace. It was taller than three feet and filled with beautiful, glossy pills. The furnace was full. Judging by their color, these pills had a fusion rate of 99%!




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