The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 170

Chapter 170 More Slaps In The Face

Due to the excitement, no one could sit still anymore. But then, soon enough, they started asking a lot of questions about the pills inside the Fire Cloud Furnace.

"Such a huge furnace, and its all filled with pills?"

"Judging from the smell, these are all Spirit Gathering Pills. The color shows that theyre Grade 8 with a fusion rate of 99%. Theyre pretty much perfect!"

The guests couldnt help but exchange glances and questions as they looked at the pills sitting inside the massive furnace. "Its such a huge furnace. Are they all Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills?"

"If so, then surely theres more than a thousand inside, right?"

"Ive never seen so many Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills in one place. Now that Ive seen this, Im happy without even consuming any."

The guests were very excited about the colossal furnace full of Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills, so much so that once the people in front had finished looking, the guests standing at the back quickly moved to the front to have a look too. The gasping didnt stop until everyone had their turn peeking inside.

Si Rong had just finished comforting Feng Xiuyu and walked out from the back just in time to see the enormous furnace full of pills. His first reaction was shock, but then he started feeling discomfort in his heart as he looked at Feng Tianlan. She was dressed entirely in white, and the warm candlelight cast a beautiful golden glow on her. Even the scar on her face didnt affect her beauty, especially with the Phoenix Emblem that was all ready to fly. It was as if a fairy had descended to earth. She was strikingly attractive.

He wondered to himself where Feng Tianlan had gone off to for an entire month and whom she had hung out with. He assumed that some alchemist must have given her these Spirit Gathering Pills. Otherwise, there was no way she could have so many.

Si Rong began to regret the harsh words hed spoken earlier. If he had known this was coming, he would have been softer towards her so that their relationship wouldnt be so strained.

But it didnt matter anymore. He could play things by ear. If the alchemist behind Feng Tianlan was very highly skilled, then he could try to trick her into giving him the alchemist. She liked him so much anyway, so if he spent a little more time and effort, he was sure that she would give him anything he wanted.

Everyone else was in great shock after seeing so many Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. Only Si Mobai remained calm. In fact, he had raised his eyebrows just a little, showing how proud he was of Feng Tianlan. He stopped short of actually writing out My Laner is the best! all over his face.

"Feng Tianlan, youre good at tricking people. Youve just put a layer of Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills on the outside, but nobody knows what else is beneath this layer," Xu Jiayi commented sourly after seeing that the huge furnace contained one layer of Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. She couldnt help but be filled with jealousy and loathing for Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan was merely a useless thing. She could neither make pills nor did she have any money, so it was impossible for her to have obtainted so many Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. Xu Jiayi was sure that the pills only made up the furnaces uppermost layer, and the rest was just filler.

Feng Xiang threw a dirty look at Xu Jiayi. This woman had spoken without thinking. Even if it contained just one layer of Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills, given the furnaces size, it meant that it contained at least a hundred pills. That was very impressive in itself.

Feng Tianlan disdainfully scanned Xu Jiayi, whose eyes were filled with tremendous jealousy. With a wave of her hands, all the pills inside the furnace were lifted into the air. They shone brightly in the sky above the courtyard like stars. In an instant, the entire courtyard was filled with the faint smell of herbs, and the pleasant smell filled everyones noses and soothed their hearts.

"Im sorry to disappoint you again." Feng Tianlan curled her lips into a smile as she looked at Feng Xiupei. The others were more shocked than ever.

These pills werent worth anything to her. She had spent the past month in the Forbidden Area making pills, and these were merely the ones shed used to hone her skills.

Feng Xiupei couldnt resist looking at the sky filled with numerous Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. The smell made her excited. These were really Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. If she had so many on hand, she could train a strong group of fighters to be her personal bodyguards!




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