The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Doctor Su Wants To Be Her Disciple

However, all these Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills werent hers. They were Feng Tianlans. When she thought about that, pain shot through Feng Xiupeis body, and great discomfort arose in her heart.

"Based on the smell, these are definitely Spirit Gathering Pills." Su Ji had been quiet all this time. Now, he couldnt resist reaching out to take one of the pills, inspect carefully, and put it up to his nose. His eyes sparkled as he said, "These are perfect Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. Fusion rate 99%. No side effects at all."

Everyone was stunned by Su Jis confirmation. No alchemist in South Winds Nation could make perfect pills, not even anyone in the Flying Frost Pavilion.

But now, Feng Tianlan possessed, not just perfect pills, but more than a thousand of them. This could actually cause a riot.

"Doctor Su, stop joking around. There arent any alchemists in South Winds Nation who can produce perfect pills," Feng Xiupei scoffed in disbelief. Perfect pills?

There were no perfect pills in the world. Feng Xiupei had never seen nor heard of any before, despite being from the Flying Frost Pavilion. These pills had to be fake.

Su Ji threw a nasty glance at Feng Xiupei and snorted coldly, "I am the alchemist chosen to serve the emperor. Do you think Im lying?" She was lacking in knowledge and dared to question his words.

Such ignorance!

The disciples of Flying Frost Pavilion werent anything to shout about, after all. The more Su Ji looked at Feng Xiupei, the more hypocritical she looked to him.

Feng Xiupei felt a bit awkward after Su Ji glared at her, but she was also very annoyed. He was merely an alchemist, but hed dared to glare at her like that. She was determined to teach him a lesson once she became an empress of the Xuantian Continent.

Su Ji looked back at Feng Tianlan with eyes full of respect. "Miss Feng, I would like to ask you which great alchemist made these pills."

"Hmm?" Feng Tianlan didnt really like Su Ji. He wasnt an evil man, but he was often swayed by what he saw on the surface. He was the type that would help anyone whom he thought was good, and he looked down on those he thought were bad.

Su Ji became even more respectful as he said, "I would like to become his disciple." Anyone who could make pills this perfect was worthy of being his master.

Another uproar went through the crowd when they heard this. The most respected alchemist in all of South Peace City, Doctor Su, was willing to be a disciple?

If a Grade 5 alchemist had to become a disciple, then what grade was the alchemist behind Feng Tianlan?

"Im sorry, but I dont think he intends to take on any disciples." Feng Tianlan deliberately kept her identity as an alchemist as a secret this was one of her trump cards.

Besides, if she revealed that she was the alchemist who had made these pills, Feng Xiupei would exploit all means and ways to kill her for sure. But, if she claimed that the alchemist was somebody else, Feng Xiupei and the rest would be more wary of her, because they would think that some formidable high-level alchemist was supporting her.

Su Ji frowned regretfully. After thinking for a few moments, he asked again, "Then, can you tell me his name and where to find him? Ill look for him myself."

"He doesnt want to be disturbed," Feng Tianlan calmly continued to reject Su Ji.

Su Ji was quiet again for a while. He thought a little more then made a decision. "Ill help you get back at the Feng Clan, then find a way for you to marry Third Prince."

Alchemy was his only interest and dream. Since such a powerful alchemist had appeared, if this man could become his master, he was willing to go against his principles to fulfill his dream.

Besides, the Feng clan was supposed to belong to Feng Tianlan, and Third Prince was supposed to be Feng Tianlans fianc, so it wasnt really going against any principles.

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