The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Secretly Eyeing Her Pills

"Su Ji, are you trying to separate us?" Feng Xiuyu couldnt sit still at the back, and she came outside just in time to hear what Su Ji said. Her face darkened. He was only a lowly alchemist. How dare he attempt to make such a promise?

"This is our familys business, so Doctor Su should not be interfering, right?" Feng Xiang said in a stern voice. A cold expression appeared on his face while he glared hatefully at Feng Tianlan. It was already difficult for him to retrieve the Feng Clan Seal since she had reappeared. But now, with all these pills on hand and a powerful alchemist backing her, it would be even harder to become the clans head.

Feng Tianlan was his jinx.

Si Rong couldnt help but look with anticipation at Feng Tianlan. He hoped from the bottom of his heart that Feng Tianlan would agree to this because it would prove how much she still loved him and give him a reason to marry her. Plus, he could gain the support of her powerful alchemist. If he could convince Feng Xiuyu, he could marry both sisters at the same time!

One was once the most beautiful girl in all of South Winds Nation; the other was a genius. If they both became his, he would benefit greatly.

"The Feng Clan Seal is mine in the first place, so I dont need help from anyone else." Feng Tianlan then looked at Si Rong, whose face was full of anticipation, and laughed coldly, "As for this piece of garbage, even if you gave him to me, Id find him a waste of space."

All of them had to be joking. She had already shown them how many pills she had, and they still thought she was a good-for-nothing. If she didnt show them a glimpse of what she was now capable of, their eyes would remain covered in feces.

"Feng Tianlan, thats what you said. Dont come begging me when you regret it!" Si Rong was filled with such anticipation, but he burned with fury when he heard Feng Tianlans words and stared angrily at her. "Its ok to play hard to get for a while. But if you do this for too long, youll only be making things difficult for yourself."

Feng Tianlan had played hard to get for too long. Si Rong had initially shown some interest because she had changed so much and had a powerful alchemist backing her. But now, she had insulted him, so he found her repulsive.

Feng Tianlan looked disdainfully at Si Rong, who was desperately trying to feed his ego, then moved on to Feng Xiupei. "Lets start our battle. Ill have you know whos the genius and whos the good-for-nothing."

Tonight, she was going to shock them silly and show these people that a good-for-nothing would not always be useless!

"Sure," Feng Xiupei responded in a gentle voice and calmly walked to the front. She whispered a few things to Feng Xiuyu along the way.

Feng Tianlan noticed this whispering and smiled a little at Feng Xiupei. She could tell that Feng Xiupei couldnt hold in her greed, and she was coaching Feng Xiuyu on how to obtain her huge furnace full of Spirit Gathering Pills.

"Since youre going to fight each other, then lets make a bet. If my sister wins" Feng Xiuyu looked meaningfully at the huge furnace right in front of her and continued, "then these pills will be ours, and you will not take charge of the Feng clan. The clan doesnt need a good-for-nothing, anyway."

"Not a chance," Feng Tianlan calmly replied. They are really after my pills, she thought. But Feng Xiuyu is too confident.

Feng Xiuyu merely scoffed at Feng Tianlans arrogant attitude and said, "But if you win"

Si Rong quickly cut in before Feng Xiuyu could finish, "If Tianlan wins, Second Miss, then I will allow you to become one of my consorts in-waiting, and you can be part of my harem."

Those phoenix eyes, which used to be pliable and easy-going, were now filled with disdain and arrogance.

Si Rong was sure Feng Tianlan was pretending to be difficult to attract his attention. He was prepared to go along with her and allow her to enter his harem. Once he found out who the alchemist behind her was and she was no longer useful to him, he would take his time and torture her so that she would know that she wasnt even worthy of carrying his shoes.

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