The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Betting Wargod Manor On Feng Tianlans Win

"Big Brother Rong." Feng Xiuyu wasnt happy when she heard what Si Rong had said. She glared at Feng Tianlan with fire in her eyes. "If she is going to enter your palace, then she should be no more than a maidservant."

Feng Tianlans hard-to-get tactics were working on Big Brother Rong, and it disgusted her.

But since Feng Tianlan liked Big Brother Rong so much, it wasnt a bad idea to allow her into the palace as a lowly maidservant. Then, as his official wife, she would be able to squash her very easily.

It made her happy just thinking about the Feng heiress becoming a maidservant.

Feng Tianlan looked at them with great disdain, then snorted at Feng Xiuyu, "Only you could think that a pile of shit smells nice and tastes delicious."


"Ok, enough. Were all sisters, so why make things so difficult for each other?" Feng Xiupei quickly cut off Feng Xiuyu. She looked up at the pills, which were still in mid-air like a myriad of stars. A glint of viciousness flashed in her eyes as she looked back at Feng Tianlan, but her voice was still gentle as she said, "Eldest Sister can go first. I will give you some concession."

Feng Xiupei wanted these pills to be hers so that she could train up her troop of bodyguards!

"The battle between the good-for-nothing and the genius is about to begin. Everyone place your bets! Ill be the banker winners will win tenfold! Hurry up, guys; this is a sure win!" A man swept off all the plates on his table the moment he heard that the battle was starting. He made two areas for people to bet: one for the winner, one for the loser.

Everyone was prepared to bet on Feng Xiupei winning and Feng Tianlan losing.

"Good-for-nothing versus genius! The results are obvious! Hurry up and place your bets! Im betting on Feng Xiupei winning, and Ill bet a Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pill."

"Bet on Feng Xiupei winning, and Ill bet an excellent weapon the Storm Sword worth one million gold coins!"

"Bet on Feng Xiupei winning, and Ill bet my lower half. If I win, youd better give me ten beauties. If I lose, Ill cut my balls off."

"Haha! Dont speak too soon. Remember the last time someone said hed castrate himself if Feng Tianlan won? He didnt do it himself, but Luo Yunzhu sent someone after him to make sure it got done."

"Hello? This is a battle between a First-stage Spiritualist and an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master, so its like an ant going against an elephant. Feng Tianlan isnt going to win, dont worry. But, just in case, Id better put down two million gold coins instead."

The guests were feverishly betting and rushed to bet on Feng Xiupei winning. In the end, the table was so full of bets for Feng Xiupei that there was only a space the size of a palm left for people to bet on Feng Tianlan.

Feng Xiupei stuck out her chin proudly when she saw this happening and looked arrogantly at Feng Tianlan. The crowd had bet the things that were most precious to them. They were confident that Feng Tianlan was going to lose.

Si Mobai glanced at the betting table, then calmly said, "Ill bet Wargod Manor on Feng Tianlan."

All the excited clamoring of the crowd immediately stopped when they heard him. They looked at Si Mobai like was crazy. Had the brave and chivalrous Wargod been kicked in the head by a donkey?

This was a battle between a good-for-nothing and a genius, so there wouldnt be any unexpected result. The winner was definitely going to be the genius, Feng Xiupei. It couldnt possibly be Feng Tianlan. Even if she did somehow win, who would dare accept Wargods property as a prize?

It was weird for Wargod to place a bet, so the crowd assumed he was just joining in for fun.

Feng Tianlan stole a glance at Si Mobai because she was also a bit confused now. What on earth was he doing? Hadnt he agreed not to let anyone know about the two of them?

Feng Xiupei also looked quizzically at Si Mobai, but she quickly figured it out. She was now confident that Wargod had a crush on her and had purposely bet on Feng Tianlan to attract her attention. He was hinting at Feng Xiupei that he was giving her a chance to be mistress of Wargod Manor.




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