The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 174

Chapter 174 One Sided Attack

The Wargod had good taste, indeed, if hed fallen in love with her. If the Wargod had been from the Xuantian Continent and not just a small lord of the Guiyuan Continent, Feng Xiupei might have even considered him.

"Eldest Sister, Ill teach you three moves before we start the battle, ok? This way, you wont think Im bullying you or using my advantage against you." Feng Xiupei had presumptuously misinterpreted Si Mobais intentions, so her confidence had shot through the roof instantly. She was even more arrogant than before.

"Enough of your nonsense. We will start the battle now!" Feng Tianlan moved the Fire Cloud Furnace to one side.

"Then, your younger sister here will teach you what it means to" Before Feng Xiupei could finish her sentence, she saw a white figure flash before her eyes. Then, a powerful force struck her chest, sending her flying at the speed of light.

Feng Xiupei didnt stand a chance. The white figure flashed once more and sent a punch right into her abdomen.



One was the sound of hard punches.

The other was screams of pain.

The guests watched in shock as Feng Xiupei was attacked so viciously by Feng Tianlan. She didnt even have the chance to retaliate. They forgot how to shout or scream, and their mouths hung open wide enough to swallow an egg.

What was going on?

Did they just watch useless Feng Tianlan bash up the genius, Feng Xiupei?

Surely, they were seeing things?

The guests rubbed their eyes, but the scene in front of them did not change. Feng Tianlan was still punching Feng Xiupei repeatedly with great force. The attack was only coming from Feng Tianlan.

They were living in a fantasy world, for sure.

A good-for-nothing First-stage Spiritualist was bashing up an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master!

"Can I change my bet?" someone asked weakly. Even if he couldnt, he wanted to take it back, at least. He had bet all the treasures he owned. Who knew that the good-for-nothing would turn the tables?

Just when all the guests were thinking of changing their bets, Feng Xiupei finally managed to pull herself together between the punches. She shouted in a low voice, "Ice Tiger!"


A bright white light flashed, and there came a roar. The air suddenly became very cold. It was early spring, but the temperature felt like the middle of winter.

A large white tiger appeared from behind Feng Tianlan, and its razor-sharp claws immediately lunged for Feng Tianlans head.

It was as if Feng Tianlan had eyes in the back of her head. She moved to one side and successfully dodged the tigers attack.

"Feng Tianlan, you are a despicable woman." With this break in the offensive, Feng Xiupei quickly got up from the ground. She was a mess with her hair all tousled. Her face was red and swollen, and her angry eyes were practically spewing fire.

Feng Tianlan had made a despicable move by catching her off guard. If Feng Tianlan hadnt secretly launched an attack, she wouldnt have taken so many punches for any reason.

"Thats a Level 2 Demonic Beast, an Ice Tiger. I think only a few families in South Peace City have Demonic Beasts."

"A genius is a genius. With the help of an Ice Tiger, theres no more doubt about her winning."

"Im not taking my bet back then. Feng Xiupei is going to win."

When those guests who had started regretting their bets saw the Ice Tiger swiftly launching an attack on Feng Tianlan, they changed their minds again and decided to stick with their original wagers. They figured that Feng Xiupei had only been attacked so badly by Feng Tianlan because she had been caught off guard.

"Feng Tianlan, lets see how you get out of this one." Feng Xiupei forgot to put on her hypocritical face, and there was nothing but hatred for Feng Tianlan written all over her. It had been such a long time since shed been thrashed like this, and she could not endure being beaten up by this ugly good-for-nothing!


Feng Tianlans cold laughter emerged from the two bright white flashes of light. "Oh, really?"




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