The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Lets See Whos The Good For Nothing


Feng Xiupei couldnt finish her sentence because she was so shocked by the events unfolding before her. Her eyes opened wide, and her face was full of shock and disbelief.

She saw that the smaller figure on one side suddenly had a new ball of fire, which was then sent swiftly toward the larger figure.


The huge tiger roared in pain and stretched out its claws to pounce on Feng Tianlan, but Feng Tianlan jumped at the tiger with her fists on fire and punched it hard. The blazing trail of fire coming down on the tiger looked like shooting stars, capturing attention and sending fear into peoples hearts.

Terrible howls of pain ensued. The screams cut through the clouds to the heavens, cutting through hearts and making everyone shiver.

Finally, the Level 2 Ice Tiger crashed to the ground with a loud thud, breathing heavily. It was no longer able to stand on its own. It was so beaten that it even feared Feng Tianlan walking closer to it.

"Useless thing," spat out Feng Xiupei when she saw that her personal beast had been defeated so utterly by Feng Tianlan with just a few blows. What a useless animal!

The guests began to waver again when they saw Feng Tianlan trounce a Level 2 Demonic Beast. They foresaw themselves losing all their treasures.

A Level 2 Demonic Beast was equivalent to an Advanced-stage Spiritualist. Others might not think highly of it, but Feng Tianlan was supposed to be merely a First-stage Spiritualist. Yet, shed easily taken down the tiger.

They were truly living in a fantasy world.

"Im not going to give you any more concessions," Feng Xiupei said as she held up a long silver rope that resembled a snake and gave it a good whip. She looked at Feng Tianlan and smiled coldly. "Do you remember this whip?"

Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes. It was the silver whip that Feng Xiuyu and Si Rong had used to lash the original owner of her body. Eventually, that girl had died from injuries inflicted by this very whip. Was Feng Xiupei trying to make her angry? Or was she trying to instill fear?

"Ill let you have another taste, then."

With a loud crack, the silver whip was like a sentient snake, cutting through the air in Feng Tianlans direction.

Feng Tianlan calmly looked up and used her bare hands to catch one end of the whip. She held it tightly in her hands, causing the back of her hand to go from porcelain white to green due to her veins bulging.

Feng Xiupeis eyes widened as she looked at the handle of the silver whip in her hand. Feng Tianlan held onto the other end tightly and raised her eyebrows slightly. Her watery phoenix eyes immediately turned icy, and her body exuded a chilly air as if she had climbed out from the depths of hell. Feng Xiupei felt her whole body grow so cold that it chilled her to the bone.


Feng Xiupei thought that Feng Tianlan looked like the god of death emerged from hell and coming to take her life away. She felt fear deep in her soul.

While Feng Xiupei was still frozen with fear, Feng Tianlan had already coiled the silver whip in her hands in Feng Xiupeis direction. The lash reached Feng Xiupei in seconds.

Feng Xiupei suddenly realized that Feng Tianlan was right in front of her, and she got a shock. But, before she could react, she felt something cold on her neck. The silver whip was now around her neck.



Feng Tianlans fist was like a hammer hitting down hard on Feng Xiupeis abdomen. She sent a bloodcurdling scream of pain through the air, nearly deafening the crowd and sending chills down their spines.

But that was not all a luminous orange glow now appeared in Feng Tianlans hand. She placed it on Feng Xiupeis abdomen and sucked out a shapeless ball of green light. The ball was slightly dull with a bright aura. In the candlelight, it looked both beautiful and terrifying.



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