The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Mystery Guest

The guests inhaled sharply when they saw this.

That was

That was all the Spiritual force that Feng Xiupei had gathered together into a Spiritual Field, including her Cinnabar Field!

That good-for-nothing Feng Tianlan had incapacitated the genius Feng Xiupei!

This development really turned their world upside down. It was so shocking, so unbelievable, and completely out of this world!

"Peier!" Feng Xiang finally snapped back to reality and shouted for his daughter. His Peier had been rendered useless!

Feng Tianlan loosened her grip and watched Feng Xiupeis eyes reflect fear, then hopelessness. Her eyes dimmed, then, finally, they were filled with nothing but deep despair.

"My Spiritual Field" Feng Xiupei clutched her abdomen in pain and took a few steps back. Her beady eyes were about to fall out of their sockets as she stared at the green ball in Feng Tianlans hands. She shrieked in a crazed voice, "Give me back my Spiritual Field!"

That ball was her Cinnabar Field, her capability, and proof of her genius. What was she going to do without it? If she lost it, she would become useless. She would never be able to reach the Xuantian Continent or become an empress there.

"You mean this?" Feng Tianlan looked at the green ball of light in her hand and curled her lips into a wicked, bloodthirsty smile.

"Give itNOOO!" Feng Xiupeis eyes widened and turned bloodshot as she watched Feng Tianlan slightly tighten her grip around that green ball of light. At this rate, Feng Tianlan was going to crush her Cinnabar Field.

Once all the energies that had merged into a singular Spiritual Field were destroyed, no amount of high-grade pills or rare elixirs could repair her Cinnabar Field because the Spiritual Field contained it. Once the Cinnabar Field had been taken out and destroyed, there was nothing left inside the body to repair.

Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi quickly tried to fly over and snatch back Feng Xiupeis Spiritual Field.

Si Mobai looked up coldly and released a tremendous force through the air to create resistance for the pair, making them move very slowly.

The guests watched with bated breath and wide eyes. Was Feng Tianlan going to crush that ball, or would Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi reach her first?

But before anything else could happen, the atmospheric pressure suddenly dropped, and everyone felt that it was difficult to breathe. They couldnt move. There was an invisible wave of terror in the air, and all of the guests suddenly felt like they were going to die!

Even Si Mobai felt breathless for a while, but he quickly moved to Feng Tianlans side and exerted Spiritual force to keep the area around her safe.

"Miss, I think it would be better to return the Spiritual Field to Miss Feng."

An extremely gentle voice was heard from a mile away. The voice was as soft as a spring breeze, bringing life and joy to all who heard it.

But when she heard it, Feng Tianlans expression changed. Even though it was hard to move due to the strong Spiritual forces around her, she managed to look up with great difficulty and found the source of the voice.

Si Mobai saw that her expression had changed, so he frowned and exerted even more Spiritual force. He was becoming breathless, so his voice was cold and stiff, but he still said, "Dont be afraid. Im here."

Whoever had come was a strong foe!

If this person could paralyze the crowd from a mile away but still be heard as clearly as if he were right next to them, he was extremely powerful. At least an Advanced-stage Spiritual Emperor, or even close to reaching the Earth Supreme stage.

Feng Tianlan didnt say anything but opened her eyes wider to see where the voice had come from. She saw a white figure approaching at high speed. Soon, she could see that it was a white Heavenly Beast with enormous white wings and a single white horn on its head so pure and so sacred.

Standing on this Heavenly Beast was a white figure looking at them without disdain or arrogance. He was gentle and peaceful.

The moment the Heavenly Beast came into view, all the guests legs give way. One after another, they fell to their knees.




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