The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Blast From The Past

The man standing on top of the Heavenly Beast leaped lightly into the air and landed in front of Feng Tianlan and the rest. He was a handsome and charming man, and his calm demeanor warmed hearts like a spring wind. His every move was graceful and elegant, like royalty.

When she saw this handsome man in front of her, Feng Tianlan felt tears come to her eyes as she softly murmured, "Big Brother Jin."

Nobody else heard her, except Si Mobai, who was standing right next to her. When he heard her whisper these words with great emotion, he suddenly couldnt breathe. His heart ached terribly she knew this man?

From her tone of voice, she seemed very familiar with him and probably even had feelings for him. Had she rejected him time and again because of this man?

When he thought about it that way, Si Mobais almond eyes immediately frosted over, and he looked coldly at this fairy-like man in front of him as if he were an enemy.

"Miss, can you return the Spiritual Field to her?" The man walked calmly toward Feng Tianlan as he continued to exude a gentle and warm aura with a smile on his face, but his eyes were very distant.

The moment he landed, the immense pressure that had filled the atmosphere earlier was lifted, and Feng Xiupei was finally able to look up at the man who was speaking up for her. She was immediately shocked by his handsome looks, his gentle aura, and, more importantly, his immense power. He had to be a Supreme.

A Supreme?

Could this be the Supreme from the Xuantian Continent, a future emperor?

It was certainly possible. She knew that he was supposed to be arriving soon.

Feng Xiupei decided to test her guess by calling out softly, "Big Brother Jin?"

When he heard her call him, the man shifted his gaze from Feng Tianlan to Feng Xiupei. When he saw her in such an awful state and the way shed called out to him so carefully, he was reminded of his childhood and responded instinctively, "Daier?"

For a moment, Feng Xiupei frowned at what hed called her, but quickly responded in a gentle voice, "I am a disciple of Flying Frost Pavilion, Feng Xiupei." This man was the crown prince from the Xuantian Continent, and she was going to make full use of this opportunity this man was hers.

When he heard her response, the man averted his gaze with some disappointment. Daier had died so long ago, but perhaps Daier had been reborn into this womans body. Since she did somewhat resemble Daier, whom hed hoped to bring back to Xuantian Continent, he decided that hed better help her out.

Feng Xiupei started getting anxious when he did not respond to her. This was a golden opportunity, and she must not miss it. His next words calmed her down immediately.

"Miss, can you return the Spiritual Field to her?"

Feng Tianlan looked at the man, who looked like he was asking her a question, but was really commanding her. She couldnt help but remember the scene from her previous life where shed died horribly and what Shen Yunya had said. But then, she also remembered that, after her parents had passed away when she was still very young, she had been bullied. He was the one who constantly protected her.

This was the crown prince of Dongshu Nation, the largest country in the Xuantian Continent Xi Jin!

At the same time, in her previous life, he had been her Big Brother Jin!

"Miss, can you please return the Spiritual Field to her?" Xi Jin started frowning when he saw Feng Tianlan staring straight at him, and his gentle tone of voice was a little impatient.

Feng Tianlan snapped out of her trance and hid her emotions. She looked up coldly again and said, "Did my Lord eat dumplings upon returning home?"

"Whawhat?" Xi Jin was shocked by Feng Tianlans words and stared at her with wide eyes.

"Did My Lord eat dumplings upon returning home?" Feng Tianlan repeated her question calmly.




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