The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 178

Chapter 178 Returning It To You Big Brother Jin

"How do you know about that?" the gentle Xi Jin asked her agitatedly. After he had returned home from his first trip to the Guiyuan Continent, he had eaten dumplings. But this wasnt common knowledge, even on on the Xuantian Continent.

"Did you eat them?" Feng Tianlans phoenix eyes fell on Xi Jins handsome face.

"I did." Xi Jin clenched his fist, trying to stop himself from going over to shake her by the shoulders. He swallowed his saliva in an effort to calm himself down. "How do you know about that?"

Daier had made those dumplings with her last bit of strength before passing away, so of course, he would have eaten them. As long as they were from Daier, even if shed cooked him a rock, he would have eaten that too.

Feng Tianlan bit her lower lip, curled up the corner of her lips, then replied in a relaxed and teasing voice, "Thats because my Lord is as fair as a dumpling, so I thought Id ask if you grew up eating dumplings."

Xi Jins gentle eyes looked suspiciously at Feng Tianlans face, trying to decipher whether she was telling the truth or not, but he couldnt tell.

"Big Brother Jin." Feng Xiupei couldnt stand it anymore when she saw the way they looked at each other. It was apparent that Feng Tianlans question had caught Xi Jins attention. Feng Tianlan was a sl*t who was great at seducing men. She was so ugly now, but still dared to seduce Big Brother Jin what a shameless woman!

Xi Jin snapped back to reality and suppressed the strange feeling in his heart as he reached out his hand to Feng Tianlan. "Miss, the Spiritual Field."

Feng Tianlan looked at Xi Jins beautiful face and lifted her hand to gently place the Spiritual Field, which was slightly cracked from her grip earlier, in the palm of Xi Jins hand. She looked down and quietly said, "Here, have it back."

She owed him so much. He had protected her for more than ten years, and she had to return this favor.

She would never tell him the truth about that bowl of dumplings hed eaten. That would be a fatal blow, and it would definitely kill him!

Seeing someone from her previous life brought back a lot of memories. Feng Tianlan suddenly felt that all her strength had emptied itself, and she wanted time to be alone.

Si Mobai watched Feng Tianlan turn to leave. The back of her small and lonely figure seemed to cut off everyone as if the entire world was left with only her. This loneliness made his heart ache, and when he thought about how shed become like this because this man had suddenly appeared, he felt pain in his heart. His almond-shaped eyes now had a murderous look.

She was his, and nobody else was to touch her!

When she saw Feng Tianlan looking all listless as she was about to leave, Feng Xiuyu bit her lip. She was determined to be Big Brother Rongs wife; everyone else had to move aside!

Feng Tianlan slowly walked off. Then, suddenly, a dark shadow blocked her way. A surge of Spiritual force aimed for her abdomen. Feng Tianlan lifted her hand and deflected the Spiritual force. She looked up to see that Feng Xiuyu had flown a yard away and landed with a loud crash.

"Yuer!" Xu Jiayi shouted.

"Sis, why did yououch, its so painful." Feng Xiuyu placed one hand on her abdomen, and the other hand gripped her dress tightly. Her face paled and she yelped in pain.

Feng Tianlan looked up at Feng Xiuyu and frowned. She coldly curled her lips. She had wanted to end the days events like this, but

Since they still wanted to play with her, she would entertain them. If she didnt teach this family a lesson and kick them out of the Feng family genealogy, then her last name wasnt Feng!

"Mother, my stomach hurts. It really hurts!" Xu Jiayi helped up Feng Xiuyu, who leaned on her. Her face was ghostly white. There were tears in her eyes as she moaned with pain while quietly whispering instructions to Xu Jiayi to play along!




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