The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 179

Chapter 179 The Lawful One Is A Wife The Unlawful One Is A Concubine

"Yuer, you" Xu Jiayi could tell immediately what Feng Xiuyu was trying to do, but she didnt agree with her daughter this wouldnt do her any good. How was she going to stop Feng Xiuyu from doing what she wanted?

Feng Xiuyu secretly smiled in her heart as she used the hand on her abdomen to gather up some Spiritual force and aimed it at her own belly. Soon, she felt a terrible pain in her stomach, and something started flowing down her legs. Then, the terrible smell of blood quickly filled the air.

"Ouch! Father, Mother, Im in horrible pain. Sis, why did you try to kill me? I" Feng Xiuyu gripped her belly, and her face was as white as a sheet. She was trembling violently, and it was so painful that she started to cry.

She had only used a little bit of Spiritual force on her stomach, so why was it so painful? It was as if she had dispelled something in the process.

Everyone followed the sound of Feng Xiuyus voice and saw that the pink dress Feng Xiuyu was wearing was dyed red with blood. It looked like many red spider lilies were in full bloom on her pink dress.

"Yuer!" Xu Jiayi screamed. She tried to help Feng Xiuyu up, but she was in so much pain, and her entire body was shaking. She shouted at Su Ji, "Doctor Su, save my Yuer quickly. Shes lost a lot of blood!"

How did this happen? Even if Yuer wanted to pretend that she was bleeding, it shouldnt be like this.

Feng Xiuyu clutched Xu Jiayi tightly, and her weak voice sounded terribly pitiful. "Mother, dont blame Eldest Sister. She didnt mean it. She hates me for snatching Big Brother Rong away, but we really love each other. With this, I have returned the favor to Eldest Sister, so dont blame her."

Feng Tianlan looked at Feng Xiuyus bloodied dress and frowned as she glanced suspiciously toward Si Rong. He was staring at Feng Xiuyu pale-faced, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief as well as anger.

The moment she saw Si Rongs expression, Feng Tianlan figured it all out and curled her lips. Feng Xiuyu was digging her own grave. By using a ploy like this she was really asking for it.

Su Ji took one look at Feng Xiuyu and could guess as much, but he wasnt sure. So, he went forward to check her vital signs, frowned, then said with some disbelief, "Its a miscarriage. She was about one month pregnant. The child is dead."

He was still wondering if he had made a mistake. The Fengs were a family of high standing, and Third Prince was royalty, so they wouldnt have done something like this. He couldnt believe it when his guess turned out to be right what a disgrace.

"Whatwhat did you say?" Feng Xiang looked with wide eyes at Su Ji in shock.

Yuer was pregnant?

Then had a miscarriage?

How could any of this be? Yuer was still a virgin, so how could she become pregnant?

Besides, after Feng Tianlan had destroyed her Cinnabar Field, Yuer was told that she was no longer able to have children, so how could she have become pregnant?

"Did you make a mistake?" Xu Jiayi saw Su Ji looking displeased, so she quickly explained, "Last time you said she"

Su Ji carefully rechecked her vitals, which confirmed his diagnosis. He said with some disdain, "Third Miss was about a month pregnant, but shes had a miscarriage. As for last time, I didnt make a mistake. There are exceptions to every case, and Im not a gynecologist."

Even though society had advanced and no longer stopped women from going out of the house or used the ancient punishments for having premarital sex or an affair like caging women in a pig pen or throwing them into the sea such actions were still not accepted and considered shameless. Women who transgressed these norms were still looked upon with disdain.

Only a lawfully wedded woman could be considered a wife, the rest were concubines.

"How can this be?" Feng Xiang was shocked speechless. He was thoroughly disgraced now.




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