The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 180

Chapter 180 : Acting Ought To Be Realistic

Feng Xiuyu clutched her stomach and lay on Xu Jiayi weakly. Her face was ashen, but there was still a smile in her eyes. She thought that her evil plan had worked. She knew she couldnt become pregnant, so, earlier, she had taken some medicine to fake her pregnancy. This time, Feng Tianlan wouldnt leave this place alive!

Shed just come up with this plan on the spot, so her parents didnt know. That way, the acting would look more realistic!

"Doctor Su, could you have made a mistake?" Feng Xiang looked hopefully at Doctor Su, hoping that he would say that he had made the wrong diagnosis.

Su Ji snorted unhappily at being doubted, so he straightened his sleeves and replied coldly, "Nobody has doubted my expertise before. And anyone whos been through this can tell that Feng Xiuyu has obviously suffered a miscarriage."

Feng Xiuyu went into a daze for a while, then pounced in Feng Tianlans direction like a madwoman. "You little sl*t! Give my childs life back to me!"

But before she could reach Feng Tianlan, she collapsed on the ground again from the pain. She clutched her stomach and called out with a deathly pale face, "Doctor Su, save me! Save my child. This"

"Su Ji, go save her. Quickly!" Si Rong immediately cut off Feng Xiuyu. He couldnt let her say that this child was his, because that would ruin him.

Su Ji looked at Feng Xiuyus bloodied dress, which was once pink, and shook his head. "I cant do anything. She cannot keep this child. Third Prince has to look to someone else for help."

"Feng Tianlan, return my childs life to me! I was mean to you, but how could you kill my child like this? He was innocent!" Feng Xiuyu continued screaming in rage at Feng Tianlan, "Are you still human? You killed a baby!"

Feng Tianlan didnt say anything and coldly watched her act. Once Feng Xiuyu finished, it would be Feng Tianlans turn, and she was ready to slap some people awake.

"I told you before, as long as I can be with Big Brother Rong, Im willing even to be a concubine. But why cant you let me off? Now, even my child with"

Si Rong interrupted Feng Xiuyu in a severe voice, "Yuer!"

Feng Xiuyu struggled to stand, but because it was simply too painful, she fell back on the ground. Large tears started rolling down her cheeks. Her heart was sad and angry. "Big Brother Rong, the child is yours. Now, our child has been killed by Feng Tianlan. She caused his death! You must seek revenge for our childSeek revenge"

She wanted to tell everyone that she had already had relations with Third Prince, so he had to marry her as his wife!

"Feng Xiuyu is pregnant?"

"Having sex before marriage in secret? So, a daughter of the Fengs is like that?"

"More importantly, this childs father is the Third Prince!"

After hearing that Su Ji was confident that Feng Xiuyu had suffered a miscarriage, the guests started discussing the father of the child, and all of them looked at Si Rong at the same time. But Si Rongs face went pale, and he started to distance himself from Feng Xiuyu.

"Its not mine. I wouldnt do something so shameless as that," Si Rong quickly explained when he realized everyone was looking at him. He hurriedly took another two steps away from Feng Xiuyu.

He was never going to admit that this child was his. Never.

If he did, it would affect his future. There was no way he was going to lose his chance to become emperor because of a dead fetus.

"Big Brother Rong!" Feng Xiuyu looked up at Si Rong, and her tears flowed endlessly. "The child was yours! And hes been killed by Feng Tianlan, so you must get revenge. A life for a life!"

She had to act so well that she could convince herself. Only then could she convince others!




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