The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 181

Chapter 181 With A Supreme Around You Can Be Healed

Even if Si Rong didnt want to admit before that theyd had relations, he had to do so today! Feng Xiuyu was determined to publicly announce their relationship to force Si Rong and the emperor to make her his official wife!

"Doctor Su already said that you couldnt have children anymore, and I didnt despise you. But now that youve had relations with someone else, I really" Si Rong put on a pained expression. "If you can tell me who the other man is, I wont pursue this matter."

As long as Feng Xiuyu did not implicate him, he could still let her be a consort of a lower status since she was a daughter of the Feng family. That way, he could still keep his prospects while looking like a faithful and loyal man.

"Si Rong!" Feng Xiuyu shrieked as she pushed Xu Jiayi aside and tried to pounce on the crestfallen Si Rong, but he dodged her attack. She fell to the ground again, looked up at him and wailed, "The child is definitely yours, how can you not admit it? How can you be so irresponsible?"

Si Rong continued to look profoundly concerned and worried as he tried to advise her, "Yuer, as long as you tell me which man forced you, I will not pursue this matter, and I will still marry you. But if you want to protect this man and falsely accuse me instead, then dont blame me for being nasty."

Feng Xiuyu was really a stupid woman. He had just offered her a way out, but she hadnt taken it and continued to point the finger at him. If she carried on like this, then he was prepared to turn his back on her completely.

Feng Xiuyu sat on the ground and looked up with a face full of tears at the cold and distant Si Rong. Hed said he would marry no one else but her how could he become so heartless in less than an hour? No matter what he was thinking, she cared for him and wanted to marry him, so she was going to force him to marry her today.

"Big Brother Rong, so that we can marry, youve been whipping Feng Tianlan since we were young"

"Yuer!" Si Rongs face darkened as he walked toward Feng Xiuyu.

"And because of me, youve tried to kill Feng Tianlan so many times"

Si Rong knocked out Feng Xiuyu then carried her while saying in a serious voice, "Yuer has gone crazy from the pain of losing her child. The Feng Clan Head had better take her away to for treatment."

Feng Xiang could also sense that something was wrong, so he quickly ordered Feng Xiuyus maidservant to carry her away and called for a doctor. He acted like he was genuinely concerned about his daughter.

"Father, dont be in such a hurry to send my sister away, I can see she still has more to say." Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow seeing that Feng Xiuyu was going to expose all of the terrible things they had done to her all these years. This woman was really stupid. After digging her own grave, she was going to drag all her teammates down with her.

But with jerks like Si Rong on her side, Feng Tianlan could save herself a lot of trouble. She was sure that the moment Feng Xiuyu woke up, she was going to reveal a lot of things she shouldnt .

"Everything can wait until she gets better. How can you be so heartless? Cant you see that she hasnt stopped bleeding?" Feng Xiang shouted angrily at Feng Tianlan ten told the maidservant to carry Feng Xiuyu away quickly.

"The doctor is here, so why bother with unnecessary things?" Feng Tianlan said as she looked at Xi Jin, hiding all the trust shed placed in him in her previous life. "A Supreme is here, and I believe he can heal Feng Xiuyu."

"A Supreme?" Everyone exchanged unsure glances, but also looked wide eyed at Xi Jin. By just seeing his enormous Heavenly Beast, anyone could tell that this man was of high status.

Feng Xiupei frowned and quietly gave instructions, "Mother, bring Yuer to wash up, and Ill bring Big Brother Jin over in a while."

"Saving lives is an urgent matter." Feng Tianlan swiftly moved in front of Xu Jiayi to prevent her from carrying Feng Xiuyu away, and she looked up at Xi Jin. "What does my Lord think?"

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