The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 182

Chapter 182 Huge Turn Of Events

Her previous life had only been over for a few months. Who knew that, back then, Xi Jin had been her trusted Big Brother Jin? Now, she could only refer to him as Supreme or my Lord. Whereas those other people

They hadnt changed, but she was now a different person!

When he heard Feng Tianlans bright voice, Xi Jin looked up at her. She was standing with her arms by her side, her clothes flying in the wind as if all she wanted was peace, but she also seemed to have cut herself off from this world.

"I will try." Xi Jin stopped looking at her. She gave him a bizarre feeling. Somehow, he couldnt help but want to help her.

"Big Brother Jin" Feng Xiupei became anxious because she didnt want him to interfere, but she couldnt tell him not to either.

Xi Jin looked up and scanned Feng Xiupei. "Miss Feng, we do not know each other well. Please do not call me that."

There were only a few people who called him Big Brother Jinand Feng Xiupei was not one of them!

Feng Xiupei bit her lower lip gently, fire burning in her eyes as she glared coldly at Feng Tianlan. If it werent for Feng Tianlan, Big Brother Jin would not have treated her like this. This was all her fault!

Feng Tianlan saw that Si Rong was trying to move, and she smiled coldly. "Surely, Third Prince wouldnt doubt a Supremes medical expertise? Or are you trying to delay Feng Xiuyus treatment?"

"I am just worried." Si Rong could only stop short in his tracks after hearing Feng Tianlans words and did not walk any further.

Xi Jin went forward to check Feng Xiuyus vitals, and soon he furrowed his beautiful eyebrows. He put a finger to her nostrils to force Feng Xiuyu to regain consciousness.

"Big Brother Jin, how is my sister?" Feng Xiupei quickly ran over when she saw that Feng Xiuyu was waking up. She supported Feng Xiuyu from behind, warning her silently not to shoot her mouth off.

Xi Jin frowned disapprovingly as Feng Xiupei shamelessly continued to address him so intimately. He politely asked Feng Xiuyu, "Did you take any pills before this?"

"Big Brother Jin, she suffered a miscarriage because she was attacked. What has that got to do with pills?" Feng Xiupei confusedly asked Xi Jin.

"I was not asking you," replied Xi Jin in a stern voice. After Daier had passed away, he no longer wanted to hear anybody addressing him this way. The only exception was Yaer, and this was only because she bore some resemblance to Daier.

Feng Xiuyu was also confused, but she still replied spitefully, "I ate a Restoration Pill, but what has that got to do with anything? Feng Tianlan hit me, and thats why I suffered a miscarriage. You should ask her why she wanted to kill my child."

"She was not the one who killed your child. It was you."

"What?" Feng Xiuyu was utterly shocked by Xi Jins words but started panicking at the same time. Did this man know something she didnt?

"Big Brother Jin, what do you mean?" Feng Xiupei took every chance she had to talk to Xi Jin.

Xi Jin frowned as he looked at Feng Xiuyus pale face full of hate and stood up as he said, "The Restoration Pill she ate was problematic. It couldnt repair her Cinnabar Field. But because the Cinnabar Field is close to the womb, the Restoration Pill repaired the womb instead, and thats why she was able to become pregnant again. But the pills side effects are strong, so it affected the fetus."

In other words, even though Feng Xiuyus womb had been damaged as a result of her Cinnabar Field exploding, the Restoration Pill healed it so that she could bear children again.

The Restoration Pill had affected her fetus, but if she had taken good care of herself, this wouldnt have happened. The main reason why she suffered a miscarriage was that Feng Xiuyu had eaten medicine to fake her pregnancy, then hit herself with Spiritual force. So, she truly was the one who had killed her child.

"No, this has nothing to do with the Restoration Pill. My child was killed by Feng Tianlan!" Feng Xiuyu was frantic now. What cr*p Supreme was this? He was just a lowly doctor who was even worse than Doctor Su.



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