The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 183

Chapter 183 The Sisters Fall Out

Xi Jins gentle gaze fell coldly on Feng Xiuyu. "About an hour ago, you took medicine to fake a pregnancy, and thats what killed your actual child!"

"Actual child?" Feng Xiuyu was completely confused and unable to understand.

"You didnt know that you were already pregnant, so you took some medicine to fake a pregnancy. Then, you put on this show of suffering a miscarriage after being hit. But because you didnt know that you were really pregnant, you killed your child."

Xi Jins gently spoken words stabbed Feng Xiuyu like needles, and her eyes opened wide as she screamed while dashing at Xi Jin. "Impossible! Im infertile, so how could I get pregnant?!"

"Yuer, dont be rude to him," Feng Xiupei gently chided Feng Xiuyu. Her heart was filled with nothing besides this man from Xuantian Continent.

Xi Jin looked up at the calm Feng Tianlan, then looked back at the crazed Feng Xiuyu. His gentle voice now became even colder. "Your miscarriage had nothing to do with Feng Tianlan. The medicine you took to fake a pregnancy caused it. Also, that Restoration Pill you ate only gave you the illusion of repairing your Cinnabar Field and advancing in level very quickly. Soon enough, your Cinnabar Field will be in a state of disrepair again, and it will be impossible to repair it ever again."

Every word stabbed her like a bunch of needles, and Feng Xiuyu was in complete shock. She looked in horror at Xi Jin. "What do you mean? Im supposed to be infertile, my Cinnabar Field has been repaired, and Ive advanced to First-stage Spiritual Master already."

Why was everything he was saying the opposite of her reality?

Xi Jins gentle eyes no longer had any sympathy left in them. "In other words, you tried to pretend that you had a miscarriage to get someone else in trouble, but instead, you suffered a real miscarriage and brought harm to yourself. Also, this Restoration Pill will now turn you into a completely useless person!"

"Big Brother Jin, have you made a mistake?" Feng Xiupei wasnt concerned with the whole pregnancy thing. She was only worried about the Restoration Pill because she was the one who had given it to Feng Xiuyu. If what he said were true, then these two sisters were going to fall out, and Yuer was going to hate her for life.

Xi Jins gentle gaze now turned cold, and even his soft voice was icy. "What do you think?"

"No, no! How could Big Brother Jin make a mistake?" Feng Xiupei quickly corrected herself when she sensed Xi Jins displeasure. She didnt know where everything had gone wrong and how it had ended up like this.

The words real miscarriage struck Feng Xiuyu like a bolt of lightning. She was really pregnant but miscarried. The child was dead, and whose fault was it?

Feng Xiuyu looked up at the guests who were murmuring among themselves. Then, she looked at Si Rong, Feng Tianlan, and finally, Feng Xiupei. After thinking about what Xi Jin said, her gaze landed coldly on Feng Xiupei.

"Sis, you were the one who gave me that Restoration Pill." Feng Xiuyu looked at the gentle, generous sister whom she had always trusted, and her heart turned cold.

Feng Xiupei saw that Feng Xiuyus eyes were filled with hatred and frowned. "I dont know whats going on either, but that Restoration Pill I gave you didnt have a problem"

"If it didnt have a problem, then why did it affect my child? If it didnt have a problem, then why did he say Im going to be a good-for-nothing soon?" Feng Xiuyu shrieked as she gathered up all the Spiritual force in her like a madwoman and aimed it all at Feng Xiupei.

She wanted revenge for her child!

Feng Xiupei saw that Feng Xiuyu really wanted to kill her. She frowned and lifted her hand to deflect the Spiritual force lightly.

"AHH!" Feng Xiuyu screamed in pain and flew out as if she were being thrown away. Then, she crashed on the ground and violently vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood.

Feng Xiupei was completely stunned. She had merely deflected the force. It wasnt enough to send Yuer flying. How did this happen?




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