The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 184

Chapter 184 Si Rong Wants Feng Tianlan Back

Feng Xiuyu crouched on the floor as she felt another sharp pain in her abdomen. She could hear the sound of her Cinnabar Field shattering.

"My child! My Cinnabar Field! My child! My Cinnabar Field!" Feng Xiuyu muttered as she clutched her abdomen. Her pink dress was now wholly dyed red from the blood. Perhaps because mother and child were of one heart, she now felt nothing but panic and fear.

"Big Brother Rong, the child! Thats our child! Save our child!" Feng Xiuyu looked up with her face full of tears and begged Si Rong. "Big Brother Rong, thats our child. Save him. I beg you, save him"

She had wanted to have a child with Big Brother Rong so badly. Now that her wish had been fulfilled, she couldnt just let it go. She could disregard everything else in life except for Big Brother Rong and their child.

Si Rong took several steps back with a cold look on his face. "Stop spouting nonsense. Nothing has happened between the two of us, so theres no child or whatever. Youd better go look for your shameless partner."

No matter what, he was determined never to admit that the child was his, and he would never acknowledge that anything had happened between them.

"I dont care about being the main consort anymore; Im begging you, save our child. Thats your child too. I beg you. Im begging you" Feng Xiuyu cried as she tried to endure the terrible pain in her abdomen and crawled toward Si Rong. She would give up everything if only he saved their child. That was their child!

Si Rong stared at Feng Xiuyu, dragging toward him as if he were looking at a ghost coming for his life, and he kept taking more and more steps backward. "You are the one who shamelessly slept with someone else. Stop hoping that I will take care of a child that isnt mine. Just tell me who you seduced, and I will let you two be together."

Si Rong was desperately trying to cut ties with Feng Xiuyu, and these words felt like icy knives falling from the sky. They stabbed holes all over her body, and the iciness reached into her bones.

"You dont want to acknowledge our child?" Feng Xiuyu stopped and looked up at Si Rong. There were tears in her eyes, but her voice was not as pleading as before. It was eerily calm.

Si Rong dusted his sleeves off and continued heartlessly, "Thats your child with some other man, so why should I acknowledge it?"

Now that Feng Xiuyu turned out like this, he definitely couldnt marry her anymore. But a powerful alchemist was supporting Feng Tianlan, and she had even more potential than Feng Xiupei, so Feng Tianlan was a good match for him, after all.

He was going to woo Feng Tianlan later, slowly. He was determined to coax her until she fell head over heels in love with him again.

With that in mind, Si Rong rushed over to Feng Tianlan and quickly tried to explain, "Tianlan, dont believe anything she says. Nothing happened between Feng Xiuyu and me. Nothing happened at all, and you still have a place in my heart."


Feng Tianlan laughed mockingly, "Oh really?"

"Yes, yes! She said a lot of awful things about you, and I started hating you out of my love for you, and thats why I was so mean to you. It was her"

"Si Rong!" Feng Xiuyu felt her heart shatter to pieces when she heard these words. She loved him so much and had done everything for him, but hed turned out to be such a jerk.

"Tianlan, you have to believe me. Im completely innocent here, and Im also a victim. If not for her, we would be married by now." Si Rong had no time to bother with Feng Xiuyu and focused on explaining to Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan curled her lips with disdain and looked at Si Rong, explaining himself as if watching a show. In her eyes, he was nothing but a pile of feces.

Si Mobai was standing to one side and watching Feng Tianlan listen to Si Rongs explanation seriously. His heart was anxious as if it were on fire, and his body emanated a cold aura to suppress Si Rong continuously.




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