The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Dogs Bite Each Other Fighting Among Themselves

Si Rong could feel the cold air pressing hard against him, and the pressure made it hard for him to talk. But he still tried his best to defend himself and explain to Feng Tianlan, because Feng Tianlan was of great use to him now.

Feng Xiuyu had managed to crawl to where Si Rong was and used her bloodied hands to tug at Si Rongs clothes. She looked up at him, her eyes bloodshot as she threatened, "Si Rong, that was our child. Even if hes dead, you have to admit it. Otherwise, Im going to spill the beans about everything thats happened these last few years."

"Feng Xiuyu, pull yourself together. Stop splashing dirty water all over the place like a mad person," Si Rong kicked Feng Xiuyu aside and coldly threatened her. "If you dont say who the man is, the one whos going to die is you. Dont drag me into the grave with you."

If there werent so many guests around, he would have killed Feng Xiuyu then and there. If she still didnt know what was good for her after such a harsh reminder, then she deserved to die.

"Si Rong, you are a heartless man. You want to win Feng Tianlan back? Dream on." Feng Xiuyu had been kicked aside, and her whole body turned cold. She lifted her head to look at Si Rong and Feng Tianlan, her eyes filled with hate. "Three years ago, you said you liked me and wanted to marry me"

"Nonsense!" Si Rong angrily cut Feng Xiuyu off.

"But, you said that you were already engaged so you couldnt promise me the position of official wife"

"Be quiet!" Si Rong interrupted her again.

"On the third of June, to prove how much you truly loved me, you fiercely beat up Feng Tianlan. You left her alive because you wanted to annul your engagement to her so that I wouldnt have to be a second wife. You said that if she remained unconscious, you were going to plant some random man in her bed so that you could annul the engagement anyway. You wanted to marry me, but wasnt that just because you wanted to become the"

No matter how loudly Si Rong shouted at her to stop talking, Feng Xiuyu was unstoppable. She rambled on like a crazy person about everything that happened in the past. But the moment she reached that last sentence, Si Rong became like a leopard. He leaped at her and tightened his hands around her neck.

"I told you to shut up!" Si Rongs eyes were bloodshot, and his body was filled with murderous rage.

Feng Xiuyu was unable to breathe because of his grip. Her face was already pale from the miscarriage, but it was turning blue now. She used her slim hands to try to break free from Si Rongs grip, but his hands were like iron poles, and she couldnt move them at all.

Even though breathing had become difficult, she managed to get the last few words out from between her teeth, "Youwanttobethe emperor!" These words were said very softly, and only a few people standing close by heard her.

She had gone mad, driven insane by these people. If she couldnt live happily, Si Rong wouldnt either. She wasnt like Feng Tianlan, whod suffered quietly for ten years. To do that would only make her more and more lowly!

But what about losing her pride for love?

Others only lost their pride when they fell in love with her, Feng Xiuyu!

Si Rongs eyes were bloodshot, and his hands were like iron poles tightly strangling Feng Xiuyu. Just when she thought she was going to be strangled to death, the iron hands suddenly let go. She turned to one side and started coughing so violently that tears came up too.

Only after she could breathe normally again did Feng Xiuyu finally realize how crazy her actions had been. Fear of death overwhelmed her like a massive wave of water, making her tremble with fear.

If she could do it over, she wouldnt have created this hysteria again. Being able to breathe was such a wonderful thing.

"Is Third Prince trying to silence her?" Feng Tianlan kicked away Si Rongs hands from Feng Xiuyu and looked at him coldly with her phoenix eyes. She was waiting for these dogs to bite each other and fight among themselves.



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