The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Feng Xiuyu And Si Rong Attack Each Other

"Laner, its not like that. This sl*t here, Feng Xiuyu, tried to seduce me. She was the one who said you liked someone else and that you were no longer a virgin, so I fell for her trap and did all those wicked things."

"Laner, dont believe this sl*t. Shes the one who set a trap for me. Think about it. I used to be so good to you. I gave you everything you wanted."

Feng Tianlan slapped away the disgusting hand that Si Rong had stretched out in an attempt to hug her. She coldly responded, "Didnt you say you wouldnt marry anyone else but her? Now youre calling her a sl*t in every sentence?"

Si Rong was the d*uchebag of all d*uchebags this change in attitude had occurred way too fast and only because Feng Xiuyu was no longer useful to him, and she was. Even so, he was way too arrogant.

Did he think he that was an outstanding catch or just that she was stupid?

He wanted her to believe him after saying just a few nice words. As for being good to her in the past, that was only because hed wanted her to give him treasures in exchange.

"Si Rong, youre a lousy jerk! What do you mean I set a trap for you?" Feng Xiuyu had calmed down, but after hearing what Si Rong was saying, the fire within her started burning again. She exploded like a cannon, shooting out shocking statement after shocking statement.

"So, I set a trap for you to declare that you want to marry me? Then, I set a trap for you to sleep with me and get me pregnant?

"I set a trap for you to beat Feng Tianlan half to death? And was I the one who told you to dump Feng Tianlan on some mans bed so that you could confidently annul the engagement on the grounds of her having premarital sex so that you could marry me?"

"You little slut! Sh*t up!" Si Rong angrily threw a punch at Feng Xiuyu, but Feng Tianlan moved forward and stopped his fist from reaching Feng Xiuyu. The force of the blow sent her stray hairs flying.

"Even this was in line with your original intentions, wasnt it? Saying that Feng Tianlan couldnt face up to her humiliation and killed herself so that we wouldnt have to worry about her anymore." Feng Xiuyu saw how hard Si Rong had intended to punch her and instantly became even crazier. She didnt care whether he had done any of these things anymore, she was going to make him take the rap. "After doing so many dirty things, you still want to be emperor. Do you think youre worthy of that position?"

There was a murderous aura all over Si Rong, and he wanted to kill Feng Xiuyu, but he could not. Firstly, Feng Tianlan was blocking him. Secondly, the guests included important people, including some from the royal family.

If he killed Feng Xiuyu in front of all these people, he would be considered a disgrace. He wouldnt be able to control the situation when he wanted to become emperor. If he didnt kill her, he still stood a chance.

The more he said, the more mistakes he might make. Si Rong only clenched his fists tightly and stared murderously at Feng Xiuyu, who was still on the ground like a madwoman.

"If Feng Tianlan hadnt lost consciousness and then suddenly won the fight against me, she would have been known today as a woman who had sex before marriage and strangled by you, but you were going to tell everyone that she killed herself. Si Rong, do you think everyone is an idiot?" Feng Xiuyu looked straight at Si Rong with wide eyes and shouted loudly. The veins on her neck were about to burst from so much shouting, and her blood-stained pink dress made her look even scarier.

She was angry. Why hadnt she gotten Si Rong to kill Feng Tianlan back then?

She was furious. If they hadnt planned to kill Feng Tianlan in that storm half a year ago, then even if she were to become a second wife, she would still have been a consort and not a concubine.

She was filled with hate. Why hadnt they taken more measures to confirm whether Feng Tianlan was alive or dead last month? Instead, theyd believed in her demise so easily.

She despaired.

If none of those things had happened, today wouldnt have happened. She would still be a genius of South Winds Nation, standing next to Si Rong on the top of a castle and looking down at the country before them.




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