The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Feng Xiuyu Tears Off Feng Xiupeis Hypocrisy

Chapter 187: Feng Xiuyu Tears Off Feng Xiupeis Hypocrisy

If Feng Tianlan hadnt been born, then everything in life would have gone well for her. She would have been the heiress of the Fengs and the empress of the country. Even if that hadnt happened, she would at least have been living in luxury. Now, she had nothing to her name.

All of this had happened because of Feng Tianlan, and that so-called good sister of hers Feng Xiupei!

At the end of the day, the ones who deserved to die were Feng Tianlan and Feng Xiupei!

She was not going to let them off!

Feng Xiupei realized she couldnt salvage the situation. She looked at Xi Jin, who was standing to one side and frowned. She couldnt let this go on anymore. Otherwise, it would leave a bad impression on him, and it would make it difficult for her to become his empress.

"Yuer, you cant"

Feng Xiupeis voice was like needles stabbing into Feng Xiuyu, and she glowered angrily at Feng Xiupei. "Shut up. Do you think youre any better? All that crap about being gentle, kind, and generous was just an act. Youve done so many evil things!"

"Yuer, stop!" Xu Jiayi and Feng Xiang realized she was now going to attack Feng Xiupei and couldnt stay calm anymore.

Feng Tianlan saw that the show was starting again and curled her lips. She continued standing next to Feng Xiuyu, secretly protecting her from others who might try to attack her. Otherwise, this next act couldnt unfold.

"Both of you keep protecting her! That Marrow Cleansing Pill was her fault, and you two killed those old folks who barged into court. All those acts of charity, giving out porridge or whatever, were only done because your image had taken a hit, and you wanted to mend your reputation."

"Yuer, youve gone crazy!" Feng Xiang rushed at her.

Feng Xiuyu was so scared that she hid behind Feng Tianlan. She stuck out her head from behind Feng Tianlan and said with a crazed look in her bloodshot eyes, "You didnt ensure my wellbeing, so dont think about getting off scot free. Im going to expose all your evil deeds!"

She had gone crazy alright she had been driven mad by them. Since nobody cared for her, nobody was getting away today unscathed. She was going to destroy everyone along with herself. As for living happily ever after, they could dream on!

Feng Tianlan smirked as she watched them bite and attack each other, creating such an exciting show for everyone to watch. There were many things that she didnt even have to say herself since Feng Xiuyu was spilling all the beans.

"So much hanky-panky going on, and there isnt even enough time in between to breathe. Its even more exciting than a play."

"These people are inhumane, snatching others things. Theyve turned out to be such unreasonable and cruel people."

"The scariest of all is Feng Xiupei. Still waters really do run deep. I didnt expect her to be so hypocritical, doing charity only to get her reputation back."

"I think theres more that Feng Xiuyu hasnt said yet. Look at how Feng Xiang looks like hes going to eat someone. I think there are even more shameless things we havent heard yet."

"So, Feng Tianlan has been quietly enduring all this time. She must have done so because she still feels that the Fengs are her family, so she tried to save their reputation. Nobody wants to wash their dirty linen in public."

"Who knew theyd start fighting among themselves and spill all the secrets of what happened in the past. They really dont know whats good for them. But their thoughts are truly frightening. One is supposed to be a good younger sister, and the other is supposed to be her fianc. The entire family is scary, and it makes ones heart grow cold."

Feng Tianlan lowered her head and curled her lips slightly as she heard the guests comments. They were really into this drama, picking out all the essential scenes and criticizing Feng Xiang and the rest. Every word hit home, and there was no sympathy for the family.

Only Feng Xiuyus miscarriage was an accident, but the rest had been within her control, including which guests were present. Nobody here would try to speak up for the Fengs because they were more interested in watching a good show.

The Fengs one of the most powerful families in all of South Winds Nation was putting up such an excellent performance, who wouldnt want to watch?




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