The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 188

Chapter 188 : Taking Back The Feng Clan

Chapter 188: Taking Back the Feng Clan!

Si Rong rubbed his temples. He was the center of attention now, all thanks to that b*tch, Feng Xiuyu. The more he said, the more mistakes hed make. He had to keep silent.

Feng Xiang had quite a headache too. If he didnt make the guests leave now, it would only get worse.

"There have been some mishaps today in the Feng family. Were sorry that we couldnt let everyone enjoy themselves, and well invite you all over again another day." Feng Xiupei restrained her desire to kill Feng Xiuyu, then said to the housekeeper, "Go prepare some Grade 9 Spirit Gathering Pills to compensate our honored guests."

She had to think of a way to remedy what had happened today. She must not lose her reputation over this. Right now, she couldnt explain. Shed think of a good plan later to make sure that Big Brother Jin didnt have a bad impression of her.

"Feng Tianlan gave out Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. These are only Grade 9. Arent you a bit stingy?"

"Is the Feng familys Second Miss giving us compensation or hush money? If its hush money, it isnt enough. After all, Feng Xiuyu lost her chastity before marriage and dishonored herself."

"Youre so eager to send us away. I wonder if the Feng Family Head already knew about this, or even condones it?"

Feng Xiang heard the guests chatter, and his face fell completely. He was infuriated. Especially at that person whod asked him whether he knew about the hush money or condoned it either way, it meant the same thing.

These people were just here to watch a show. They ate his food, drank his wine, took his pills. In the end, not only did they watch him make a fool of himself, but they were now adding insult to injury.

Unlike him, Feng Tianlan was smiling. Those people had sharp tongues. The show wasnt over yet, so why would they leave?

"Oh right, Feng Tianlan and Feng Xiupei have finished competing. Shouldnt they redeem their rewards?"

"Feng Xiupei arrogantly named her reward. If Feng Tianlan won, she would become the Third Princes maidservant."

"How thick-skinned. Now she cant even be a servant!"

The guests wanted to say that, given Feng Tianlans current power and wealth, even becoming Si Rongs first consort would be wrong. But, after all, Si Rong was the Third Prince. No matter how horrible he was, they wouldnt dare to talk about him like that.

Feng Xiang nearly spat out blood when he heard these guests. He wanted to tell them to return all the Spirit Gathering Pills that hed handed out then go as far away as they could. They were way too fickle.

Feng Qinglings thoughts still lingered on the overturned battle. He was very agitated and excited. He walked before Feng Tianlan, holding the seal. It was as red as fire and carved with phoenix reborn in flames and corresponded with the emblem on Feng Tianlans forehead.

This was the Feng Clan Seal, the symbol of the Feng Family Head. It was also a symbol of power and high status.

"I, Feng Qingling, announce as the Feng family elder, that the nineteenth"

"No! Feng Tianlan has no right to be Feng Clan Head." Feng Xiuyu immediately started screaming when she heard Feng Qinglings announcement.

Feng Tianlan had no right! None!

Feng Xiuyu would never let them live in peace, especially Feng Tianlan!

Feng Qingling glanced at Feng Xiuyu, who was screaming, then continued, "Feng Tianlan will act as the nineteenth Feng Clan Head." Then, with trembling hands, he respectfully handed the Feng Clan Seal to Feng Tianlan.

"Feng Qingling pays his respects to the Clan Head." Feng Qingling bent down and shouted with respect and excitement.

Feng family heirs were never useless!

This phrase was not just a simple one for Tianlan. Shed done it. Shed really done it!

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