The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Removed From The Clan Pedigree

Feng Tianlan looked at the warm Feng Clan Seal in her hand. She smiled, gazing at Feng Xiuyu, who continued to scream wildly with a cold gaze. Then, she glared at Feng Xiang, whose expression was overcast, then to a silent Feng Xiupei. And finally, she looked at Si Rong, who was unhappy but continued to throw her flirtatious looks.

Do they think this will just end if they dont speak?


It was just beginning!

Feng Xiang and Feng Xiuyu all got goosebumps from Feng Tianlans expressionless glare. But they were very passive now, and they could not oppose her. Especially in front of all these lords, they couldnt move a single inch.

"Its true that Tu Xiang favored his concubines and abandoned his wife. He favored his indirect descendants and abandoned his direct descendent." Feng Tianlan looked at Feng Xiang, who suddenly looked very pale. She continued bravely and spoke without any room for opposition, "Now I, as the Feng Clan Head, announce that Feng Xiangs name will be removed from the clans pedigree. He will no longer bear the Feng family name and will return to the Tu family!"

Hearing Feng Tianlans announcement, Feng Xiangno, now that he had been removed from the clan pedigree, he had lost the name of Feng. From now on, he should be called by his original name, Tu Xiang!

"Tu Xiang, do you have any objections to this punishment?" Feng Tianlan looked at Tu Xiang, her eyes cold as ice. Even if he was her father, she had no mercy in her; this person before her wasnt worthy of it!

"No." Tu Xiang raised his head to look at Feng Tianlan. Her beauty still radiated despite her scar, and she had her mothers resolution. She was not arrogant or overbearing. Instead, she had a dominance that mowed down all resistance.

Right now, he had no right to have any objections to the punishment. If he made any fuss, his reputation would only worsen. To overlook his original family for the Feng name was disgraceful. And his desire to seize power to turn rumor into reality was unjust.

Besides, he needed to persevere. In the end, the Feng Clan would return to his hands!

Since when had that useless girl been reborn as a genius?

Tu Xiang saw that Feng Tianlans cold gaze was still on him. He could only lower his head unwillingly and say, "Thank you, Clan Head, for your mercy!"

He had never been so aggrieved. His daughter had invalidated him and seized his power. Now he had to thank her for doing this to him!

"Feng Tianlan, you have no right to make such a judgment. You have no right." When Feng Xiuyu heard this decision, she screamed even more wildly. She looked like a complete lunatic.

Feng Tianlan glanced at Feng Xiuyu. She ignored her angry cries and continued to announce, "Feng Xiupei and Feng Xiuyu are not my sisters by the same mother. They dont have the Feng family blood. Thus, their names will also be removed, and they will carry their fathers name. They are removed from their status as misses of the Feng family. However, because of the memories we share, theyll be allowed to spend the rest of their lives in the Feng manor."

"Feng Tianlan, you hypocrite. What memories? You just want to watch me make a fool of myself. You want to torture me. You have no right to judge my status. My name is Feng, and I am the Third Miss of the Feng family. Im the real miss of the Feng family!

"Even if our fathers name is not Feng, you should also change your name to Tu. Children should carry their fathers name, and the Feng Manor should also change its name to Tu. The Feng family"

Before Tu Xiuyu could even finish her sentence, Tu Xiang slapped her hard on the face. He shouted, "Thats enough!"

Yuer had lost her mind and was being extremely stupid. Right now, they should swallow this insult silently and wait for an opportunity to retaliate. There was no benefit in quarreling now. It only made them look worse.




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