The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Go to Hell

The presence of many bystanders seemed to be part of their evil scheme. If Feng Tianlan had fallen into their trap, she would have been too ashamed to live. Her plight would have been beyond miserable, and their vicious rumors could have even driven her to commit suicide! How cruel!

However, God had his plans. Not only had she not consumed the aphrodisiac, but a dog had also taken her place. As a result, the big yellow dog had humiliated Feng Xiuyu and the Third Prince! Tsk tsk, this show was turning out to be more enjoyable than she'd expected.

A waiter, clueless about what had just happened, brought a pot of piping hot Four Delicacies Soup to the table. Although curious, he didn't dare linger and left immediately.

Feng Xiuyu threw up so much that even yellow bile came out. Pale as paper, she glared at Feng Tianlan and angrily demanded, "B*tch! What on earth have you done? Why would you insult Third Prince and me like this?"

Feng Tianlan slightly arched her eyebrow and glanced at Feng Tianlan's impressive cleavage. She chuckled softly, "How can I have insulted you when I haven't touched anything? Seeing that your cleavage is exposed, maybe the dog came to you because of your strong smell."

Pfft! A few laughs erupted from the crowd. Feng Tianlan was implying that Feng Xiuyu's scent was so whorish that she'd attracted a dog in heat. Feng Xiuyu understood the underlying meaning of Feng Tianlan's words and glared at her with eyes on fire. She snarled with hatred, "What do you mean by that? Repeat it if you dare!"

"I said you smell like a whore, so you've been defiled by a dog!" Word after word, Feng Tianlan smiled calmly at the fire-spitting Feng Xiuyu. If she wanted to be humiliated that badly, she would grant her wish.

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"Go to hell!" Feng Xiuyu shouted. She could no longer suppress her rage. She flicked the pot of steaming, newly served Four Delicacies Soup. Like a fairy scattering heavenly flowers, she splashed the pot's contents on Feng Tianlan!

Feng Tianlan saw the soup coming. Before she could evade the attack, she felt a sudden gush of mighty spiritual force sweep past her. It formed a barrier and stopped the hot soup, collected the liquid, then threw it back...

Feng Xiuyu felt a rush of hot steam toward her face. Then, a burning sensation. She covered her face as she screamed in pain, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" A few drops of soup landed on Si Rong's face, and he winced in pain. The soup was boiling hot, after all.

"Feng Tianlan, you..." Si Rong bellowed. However, he was stunned when he saw Si Mobai raise his hand and cut a small piece of fabric from his sleeve. He asked, "Second Brother?"

Feng Xiuyu seemed to have splattered some drops of soup on Second Brother's robe. So, throwing the soup back at them was, in fact, Second Brother's doing?


The simple word left Si Mobai's mouth like a cold dagger, silencing even the rowdiest among them. He was so terrifying that even Feng Xiuyu, who was screaming because of the pain, shut up obediently and stared wide-eyed at Si Mobai. He had not even lifted his head. A light word spoken with nonchalance suffocated them like they were trapped under an ice mountain.

"Feng Tianlan..." Feng Xiuyu howled furiously. She wanted to charge at her now, to tear her apart. Her face...

Si Rong took a look at Si Mobai, who was emitting an icy aura. He reached for Feng Xiuyu and instructed, "Summon an Imperial Physician to the Feng Manor." His Second Brother was angry. If they dragged this mess on, both he and Yu'er would only land in an even hotter soup. Also, they needed to treat Yu'er's face, quickly, before it was too late.

"Big Brother Rong, she..."

"Your face is more important," Si Rong said and scooped up Feng Xiuyu in a bridal carry. Looking at the blisters on her face, he frowned.

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