The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Xu Jiayi Becomes A Concubine

"Father!" Tu Xiuyu glared at Feng Xiang. She hadnt said anything wrong, so why was he hitting her? She didnt dare oppose him.

Feng Tianlan glanced at them. Feng Xiupei still held her tongue and was restraining Xu Jiayi. She smiled and said, "I forgot to mention, father, as a live-in son-in-law, after Mothers death, you are not allowed to continue taking in wives. Either you take in concubines, or you leave the manor and establish your own household. I wonder which Father will choose?"

Xu Jiayi, whom Feng Xiupei had been retraining this whole time, couldnt keep silent any longer when she heard this. She freed herself and stormed in front of Feng Tianlan, speaking to her in a low voice. "Feng Tianlan, what do you mean?"

Feng Tianlan narrowed her phoenix-like eyes slightly, and they were clear as water. "I said, you have no right to be the hostess of the Feng Manor. This is the Feng Manor, not the Tu Manor!"


Tu Xiupei walked up and yanked back Xu Jiayi. She looked at Feng Tianlan with cold eyes and said gently, "Sister, no matter what happens, were still family. Mother raised you too; the kindness of nurture is greater than the kindness of birth. You mustnt be so ungrateful."


Hearing Tu Xiupeis words, Feng Tianlan couldnt help laughing. She looked at her scornfully and said, "Even though Im the heir of the Feng family, since my mothers death, Ive been living a life worse than the servants. This has gone on for ten years. Youre worse than the dogs in the barn. Doesnt it embarrass you to say the word ungrateful?"

"If that is so, then well just"

Tu Xiang quickly interrupted Tu Xiupei, "Tianlan is right, Im no longer the head of the family, so Jiayi naturally has no right to be the hostess. Shell become a concubine."

Leave the Feng Manor?

No, he was not going to leave this place. Even if hed lost the Feng name, as long as he stayed in the Feng Manor, he was still head of this place. If he left the Feng Manor, he would be nothing.

"My husband!" Xu Jiayis face went pale as a ghost. She hadnt expected that Tu Xiang would make her a concubine!

"Lets leave it at that. Tianlan has gravely misunderstood us. We must explain clearly. Families dont hold grudges overnight." Tu Xiang swallowed the blood he was about to spit out.

The Feng Tianlan before them now was utterly unlike the one from the past. Perhaps he could cozy up to her and give her some paternal love. Then, shed hand the Feng Family over to him obediently. But the prerequisite was that he couldnt leave Feng Manor.

Tu Xiupei looked at Xi Jin, who was standing to the side. She had many conflicting thoughts. The Feng Family is a symbol of nobility, but if I stay, itll make me look like I have no pride. Big Brother Jin will get the wrong impression of me.

After some hesitation, in the end, she still couldnt give up the Feng family, the symbol of noble status.

"Sister has misunderstood me. Im willing to stay until we can resolve these misunderstandings. I believe that blood is thicker than water. Sister must believe me."

Hearing Tu Xiupeis words, Feng Tianlan glanced up at Xi Jin. She scoffed. Did this girl like Big Brother Jin?


Not bad!

She wanted to see who would winTu Xiupei or Shen Yunya. They were both so good at acting.

"Weve embarrassed ourselves in front of everyone today. These pills are our way of compensating our guests for the shock. Everyone should judge this situation for themselves, and I dont want there to be any false rumors about me." Feng Tianlan waved her hand lightly, and countless Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills flew out of the Fire Cloud Furnace and landed in front of each guest. Feng Tianlan laughed like a true family head and said with grace, "Tomorrow at noon, Ill invite everyone to a feast at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant!"

Ever since the Feng familys establishment, the Feng Clan Heads children had always carried their mothers name.




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