The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 191

Chapter 191 The Legendary Spiritual Foods Restaurant

Tu Xiuyu had lost the Feng name. Being a direct descendant of the Tu family didnt compare in status to descending indirectly from the Feng family. That was why she was so mad.

The guests acknowledged that Feng Tianlan was inviting them out. Although they wanted to continue watching the show, they couldnt. But they doubted the last part of what shed said.

"Feng Tianlan said that she would invite us to the Spiritual Foods Restaurant, right?"

"Thats right; she said the Spiritual Foods Restaurant. But will the owner allow it?"

"I believe her. Look at her! She gave away all those Grade 8 Spirit Gathering pills. Shes so generous!"

"Im definitely going tomorrow. The Spiritual Foods Restaurant is a place of dreams!"

The guests went outside, discussing the Spiritual Foods Restaurant, which Feng Tianlan had mentioned, in low voices. They werent very interested in Tu Xiang and Tu Xiuyu right now.

The Spiritual Foods Restaurant had opened three months ago. It was the biggest restaurant in the South Winds Nation. Their delicacies were beneficial for Practitioners. Their meat dishes used the flesh of demonic beasts, and their vegetarian dishes use spiritual herbs.

The Spiritual Foods Restaurants delicacies were all medicinal foods. After Practitioners ate them, their Consciousness was cleared, and any Practice they did within an hour reaped twice the results. If an ordinary person ate their food, it would improve their physique and prolong their lives. There were also some delicacies there that worked wonders for beauty and body, which were popular among female aristocrats. They were willing to spend a lot of money for a single bite.

The cheapest delicacy at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant cost at least 100,000 gold coins. They also had limited quantities, and they only sold 30 portions per day. No matter a persons status, they made no exceptions. The same went for strong individuals.

Envious aristocrats and strong individuals had attempted to seize the Spiritual Foods Restaurant in the past, but their efforts all failed.

Once, a wealthy boy had stirred up trouble in the Spiritual Foods Restaurant, but he was disabled by a serving girl.

The fact that a mere serving girl could disable a Spiritualist was terrifying. It was a lions den, and no one dared make any trouble in the Spiritual Foods Restaurant after that.

It was safe to say that it cost at least one million gold coins to dine at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant. The delicacies of the Spiritual Foods Restaurant were comparable to pill medicine. But their food was more precious than pill medicine because there was only one Spiritual Foods Restaurant in the whole of South Winds Nation.

That was why, when they heard that Feng Tianlan would be hosting a feast at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant, they didnt take it seriously and thought it was a joke.

Feng Tianlan was too arrogant!

She had more than one thousand Grade 8 Spirit Gathering Pills. Even if she had given out Grade 5 Spirit Gathering Pills, they were nothing compared to the Spiritual Foods Restaurant.

If a good-for-nothing like Feng Tianlan had suddenly counterattacked and defeated the genius girl, that was also still nothing compared to the Spiritual Foods Restaurant.

Thats why these people all thought Feng Tianlan was so arrogant. She didnt understand the immensity of heaven and earth. She felt that, just because shed defeated a genius and overtaken the Feng Family, the entire world was hers.

"Laner, why dont we go to a different restaurant?" Feng Qingling looked at Feng Tianlan with concern. He wanted to be more direct, but he didnt want to bruise her confidence, so he had to be tactful.

The Spiritual Foods Restaurant didnt give any special treatment. They couldnt force them to do what they wanted on account of the Feng familys noble status.

"Rest assured, Uncle." Feng Tianlan saw he was about to continue, so she changed the subject. She looked at Tu Xiuyu and said, "We still have accounts to settle."

Feng Qingling saw this and stopped talking about the restaurant.

"Feng Tianlan, you have no right to deal with me. You have no right!" Tu Xiuyu saw Feng Tianlan look at her and shouted to conceal her fear.




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