The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Daier Is That You?

Feng Tianlan only glanced briefly at Tu Xiuyu. Then, she looked at Si Mobai, Xi Jin, and Si Rong, who were still there. She bluntly asked them to leave. "Well host you again tomorrow."

Tu Xiuyu hastily pounced on Si Rong and hung onto his leg. She pleaded through tears, "Big Brother Rong, you wont leave me behind, will you? You must take me with you. We have so many years of affection between us"

Si Rong kicked off Tu Xiuyu rudely. "You deceived me in the past, so I lost my senses. Now that Ive seen your real face, youd better get as far away from me as you can. Otherwise, Ill have to take more extreme measures."

Tu Xiuyu was astounded by the kick. Shed never expected him to be so cold.

"Laner" Si Rong had just opened his mouth to speak when he felt the chill of Si Mobais cold glare on him. He gulped in fear then changed his sentence midway: "Ill come to see you again tomorrow, and Ill bring gifts."

Without paying any mind to Tu Xiuyu, who was sitting on the ground, Si Rong fled faster than a hare.

When she came to, Si Rong was already gone. Tu Xiuyu looked all around. Only Si Mobai and Xi Jin were left. One was cold as an iceberg, the other was gentle as jade. She chose the gentle Xi Jin without any hesitation.

"Your Supremacy, take me away. Im willing to be anythingconcubine or maidservantjust take me away. I trust youll take me away."

Xi Jin glanced at Tu Xiuyu, who was crawling toward him, then again at Feng Tianlan, who looked like an innocent bystander. He took a step backward. "Goodbye."

Xi Jin jumped onto the Heavenly Beasts back, but it wasnt willing to leave. It wailed in sorrow, circling in the sky above the courtyard and gazing down.

"Xiaoqing." Xi Jin furrowed his brow while looking down at the people in the courtyard. He asked in a low voice, "Is Daier here?"

The Heavenly Beast continued to wail, unwilling to leave. But it didnt move closer to anyone either.

Feng Tianlan looked up at the Heavenly Beast with a faint smile. She said to herself, "Xiaoqing, go with Big Brother Jin. Stop thinking of me. Im no longer your master. "

Xiaoqing was a Heavenly Unicorn Beast. Back when shed been younger and useless, shed helplessly watched as others advanced yards in a single leap. Every day, shed watched them with envy, and she could still recall her admiration and yearning from that time.

Xiaoqing had been a gift from Big Brother Jin. It was a unique Heavenly Beast. Because of one glance of her yearning, hed almost lost his life finding Xiaoqing. Big Brother Jin had given it that name because, in her previous life, her name had contained the character "qing."

Aside from hatred, everything from her previous life should be over. She couldnt admit her identity to Big Brother Jin. It would ruin him.

Xiaoqing understood the meaning of Feng Tianlans gaze. It cried unwillingly, then gave a long wail, and finally took Xi Jin away. It never disobeyed its masters orders.

Xi Jin had been paying attention to what had happened in the courtyard. He noticed that when Tu Xiupei waved, Xiaoqing, who had been unwilling to leave, flew away.


"Is that you?"

"Daier, have you been reincarnated as her?"

"But if it is you, why didnt you tell me? Can it really be you?"

Because he saw Tu Xiupei wave, Xi Jins gaze locked on her. This gaze looked to Tu Xiupei like a signal of love and yearning. It made her lift her chin in pride.

She knew it. He liked her. Even if this had only been their first meeting, it was fated. This was their destiny. Nothing could ever change that.




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