The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 193

Chapter 193 What A Pair Of Narcissistic Sisters

Si Mobai looked up at Feng Tianlan. His amorous eyes were cold and eerie as December. When shed seen off that man, she hadnt even blinked once, and her phoenix eyes had carried indescribable emotion.

"Your Highness, you stayed! Youre must take me away. You dont want to see me bullied by Feng Tianlan, do you?

"I knew it! I knew it! Ever since the first time we met, youve been opposing me and helping Feng Tianlan. You were hinting to me about your affections. You want me to be the hostess of the Wargod Manor. I accept. I dont want that bullsh*t Third Prince. Ill go with you and leave him to his regrets."

Seeing that Si Mobai hadnt left yet, Tu Xiuyu was very happy and excited. She knew that the Wargod liked her. Even if shed miscarried, the Wargod still wanted to protect her. That must be it.


Feng Tianlan was genuinely astonished by Tu Xiuyus words. That girl was narcissistic beyond salvation, and her skin was as thick as the city wall. Did she really think that Si Mobai would willingly be the father of another mans child?

Besides, Si Mobai had never interacted with Tu Xiuyuthey hadnt even spoken. Why would she think Si Mobai liked her, and in this situation no less?

"Hm?" Si Mobais eyes grew cold with discontent.

Tu Xiuyu heard his tone and thought that he had admitted to what shed said. She was so happy she leaped over to Si Mobai with staggering steps. "I knew it, you"


Tu Xiuyu hadnt even reached him when an aggressive spiritual force sent her flying. This wasnt the end, either, that spiritual energy was like an invisible hand, picking up Tu Xiuyu then violently crashing her to the ground. This went on repeatedly, and Tu Xiuyu was tossed like a ball dozens of times. Finally, Tu Xiuyu stopped screaming and began panting.

"Wargod, shes my younger sister. Please, show her some mercy," Tu Xiupei withdrew her gaze from the direction in which Xi Jin had gone, and saw how beaten up Tu Xiuyu was. She begged Si Mobai in what she thought was a charming manner.

Si Mobai raised his hand and tossed Tu Xiuyu, scoffing. He turned and left. If Laner hadnt tugged his sleeve, he wouldnt have left it at that. What the hell was she thinking trying to kiss up to him?

Tu Xiupei saw Si Mobai turn to leave and raised her eyebrows with a smug smile on her face. She knew it! She was a phoenix destined to soar the skies. Both the Wargod and Big Brother Jin liked her. Why else would they listen to her?

"Mother, take Yuer away. Get a doctor to take a look at her." Tu Xiupei straightened her back and took on a proud posture. She already saw a future in which Xi Jin married her, and Si Mobai underwent the most severe trials to prove his love for her.

The most excellent man of the Guiyuan Continent, Si Mobai, and the noblest man of the Xuantian Continent, Xi Jin, both liked her. Of course she was happy!

Feng Tianlan saw the joy on Tu Xiupeis face and raised an eyebrow. She connected the dots and thought: Tu Xiupei cant be thinking that Big Brother Jin and Si Mobai both like her, can she? Is that why shes so happy?

At this thought, Feng Tianlan couldnt help laughing. These two sisters were very full of themselves. They thought that people theyd never interacted with before would fall for them at first sight.

Tu Xiang looked at Feng Tianlan. After some consideration, he decided to swallow his pride and cozy up to her. Hed coax her until she had no defense against him.


Feng Tianlan raised her head and interrupted Tu Xiang with a smile, "Uncle, search him. Do it thoroughly. Outsiders cant possess the Feng familys things."

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