The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 194

Chapter 194 If You Like It Ill Give You A Dozen

"Feng Tianlan, Im your father, and youre going against moral principles." Hearing that he was to be searched, Tu Xiang was infuriated. Being searched was utterly humiliating.

"Ive already done things that go against Heaven, so whats going against moral principles to me?" Feng Tianlan said in a low voice. She didnt care about going against moral principles. Her soul had been reincarnated, which alone went against the ways of Heaven.

"No matter what, Im your father, and you cant treat me like this. Otherwise, youre impious and immoral."

"Take him down and search him." Feng Tianlan glanced at Tu Xiang.

Feng Qingling agreed. He paid no attention to Tu Xiangs protests and dragged him away by force. For the past ten years, Tu Xiang had seized control of the Feng family. Even without the Clan Seal, no one dared oppose him. Feng Qingling was an elder, so he hadnt been able to do anything either.

Now that Laner was back, Tu Xiang was no longer fit for his position. Especially after being stripped of the Feng name, he had even fewer rights. Since he wanted to stay in the Feng Manor and plan his future, Tu Xiang didnt resist.

Tu Xiangs angry cries came from outside the door. Soon after, Feng Qingling brought in Tu Xiangs things and placed them on the table.

Feng Tianlan glanced at them. They were all ordinary objects. She picked out a silver ring from the pile, glanced it over, then squeezed it lightly. With a crack, the ring snapped.

Whoosh! Countless things fell out of the crack. They were all precious items and pill medicines. There was nothing else.

Tu Xiang wasnt carrying the Feng family treasure.

Feng Qingling watched Feng Tianlan effortlessly destroy a silver jade storage ring. His lips couldnt help twitching, and his heart ached. Silver jade storage rings were extremely precious, worth thousands in gold, and in short supply.

He wanted to say that Laner was squandering.

"If you like it, Ill give you a dozen more in the future." Feng Tianlan raised her head to see Feng Qinglings pained expression and wanted to laugh. She took out a silver jade storage ring and gave it to him. "For you."

Feng Qingling looked at the silver jade storage ring in his hand. It was a silver jade storage ring that didnt have any spiritual force injected into it yet. It was ownerless.

He looked at the items inside the silver jade storage ring, and his pained expression cleared up immediately. Then, he looked up at Feng Tianlan, stirred to the point of choking, and said, "Nothings important. As long as youre well, everythings well."

He thought that he wouldnt live to see the day when Laner took back the Feng family. He hadnt expected that, in a mere ten years, Laner would not only practice but also become so skilled. Such precious pill medicines and storage rings seemed like nothing to her.

"Go get some rest. Well be busy at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant tomorrow," Feng Tianlan said with a smile.

Feng Qingling looked up at Feng Tianlan, who was smiling. She had lost the delicateness on her face, which was now replaced by resolution and dominance. He didnt doubt her. "Okay."

Shed returned with strength. Shed already made the impossible happen. Thus, he needed to believe in her and trust that the Spiritual Foods Restaurant, which looked so unattainable to everyone else, was no big deal in Laners eyes.

At these thoughts, Feng Qingling straightened his back, which had been hunched for years. He also raised his head, which had been bowed for years.

The Feng family is still the Feng family!

Feng Tianlan saw Feng Qinglings sudden confidence and pride. She smiled faintly. This was good.

Tu Xiupei watched Feng Qingling leave, no longer disguising himself in front of Feng Tianlan. She was in disarray but continued to look at Feng Tianlan with a raised chin and scorn. "Sister, if you know your place, you ought to hand over the Clan Seal and the Feng Manor."




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