The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Si Mobai Is Jealous

Feng Tianlan glanced up at her with a smile. "Why should I?"

"Even without Big Brother Jin, the Warlord himself can annihilate the entire Feng Manor." Tu Xiupei glanced at Feng Tianlan with scorn. "To kill you, he doesnt even need to lift a single finger. He just has to move his lips, and youre beyond salvation.


Feng Tianlan laughed, "How dare you contend for the Supreme? You dont even know how fast youre going to die."

In her past life, she and Big Brother Jin had loved each other as siblings, yet Shen Yunya had killed her so cruelly. One could only imagine what would happen to Tu Xiupei, who wanted to have Big Brother Jin for herself.

She wanted to see who would come out on top between Shen Yunya and Tu Xiupei. As for the results

How could Tu Xiupei stand a chance against Shen Yunya?!

"Theres no point in you vying for Big Brother Jin. He doesnt have any feelings for you. As for the Wargod, hes a misogynist, so the probability that he likes you is even smaller. The next person who tries to kill you might be him."

Both Big Brother Jin and Wargod liked Feng Tianlan. Tu Xiupei didnt know her place at all, and yet, she dared to compete for them.

Watching Tu Xiupei leave, Feng Tianlan smiled scornfully. Perhaps Tu Xiupei wouldnt even live to see Shen Yunya for herself. She did have some wit, but she was way too arrogant.

By the time Feng Tianlan was done with everything, it was already midnight. The moment she walked into her room, she felt her waist tighten, and she fell onto a broad chest. Then, her back hit the wall, but she didnt feel any pain. The back of her neck was cushioned by a big hand, and her lips were kissed. A soft tongue tasting of cold mint wine charged into her mouth and entangled with hers


Feng Tianlan wanted to struggle, but Si Mobai held her down and didnt let her budge. She opened her mouth to bite the tip of his tongue, but he didnt retreat or dodge her at all. He just let her bite him. Feng Tianlan had no choice but to endure his dominant kiss.

A while later, when he could barely control his desire, he finally let her go. But he continued to press her against the wall, gazing at her. His voice, which had been thick as wine before, was now raspy because of his repressed desire. "Who is he?"

"Hm?" Feng Tianlan looked up with hazy eyes.

Feng Tianlans bleary eyes were indescribably charming. Si Mobai felt a tightening in his abdomen. He kissed her lips again, savoring her sweet taste.

In another short while, he let her go again. He asked jealously, "Who is that Supreme? Whats your relationship with him?"

Feng Tianlan had just lifted her head, and she didnt even get a chance to answer when a softness pressed against her lips again, stifling all the words in her mouth.

"No matter who he is, youre mine!" Si Mobai lightly chewed on Feng Tianlans red and swollen lips. Although a certain part of him was about to explode, he still left her lips unwillingly. She tasted so sweet, like a drug. He was addicted.

The kiss disoriented feng Tianlan. She glared at him. "You didnt leave?"

Didnt he leave already? Why was he hiding in her room and sneak attacking her? He was totally a pervert.

"Stop glaring, or Ill kiss you again." Seeing Feng Tianlans captivating eyes, Si Mobai was only seduced further. He lowered his head and nibbled her lower lip again.

Feng Tianlan blushed faintly. "Youve been drinking."

This guywhy did he keep kissing her? He was a total pervert!

"Im intoxicated by you, not the wine."

Feng Tianlan wanted to step back, but a hand was still behind her. No wonder she hadnt felt any pain when shed hit the wall; he was cushioning her with his hand.

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