The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Youre Only Allowed To Like Me

At this thought, Feng Tianlan couldnt help looking up at Si Mobai. She hadnt expected him to be so careful. He didnt want to hurt her, so hed cushioned her back with his hand.

He said, "Intoxicated by you, not the wine."

Feng Tianlan couldnt help raising her hand to stroke the scar that ran from her brow to the side of her face. It was very rough and crawled on her skin like a ghastly centipede. With a horrible scar like that, there was no way he could be intoxicated by her and not the wine.

She was simply not attractive enough.

Si Mobai watched Feng Tianlans gesture, and it made his heart ache. He took his hand out from behind her back and held her face as if holding a precious treasure. He lowered his head and traced the scar from her brow to her cheek with kisses.

Those kisses made Feng Tianlans heart skip a beat. She froze and didnt dare move.

His breath hit her face lightly, but it scalded to her. His kisses were very light and gentle, tickling her heart like a feather.

He was kissing her so carefully, as if he were kissing the most precious treasure in the world, not wanting to use any force.

Feng Tianlan felt his lips leave her face. When she opened her eyes, Si Mobai put a finger to his brow with spiritual force on his fingertip. She was so shocked that she pulled his hand away. "What are you doing?"

His brow was already bleeding. When he lowered his head, a drop of blood fell onto her lips. The sanguine taste made her uneasy.

"I want to know how much it hurts." When shed received this scar on her face, it must have hurt a lot.

Feng Tianlans heart trembled. He wanted to cut a wound into his face and experience how much shed been hurt in the past?

Was this guy an idiot?!

Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes, suppressing the agitation in her heart. "You cant understand it."

Right after she spoke, she saw Si Mobai move his hand again. She quickly grabbed it and gazed up at him. "The pain of having your face disfigured by a loved oneyou cant understand."

The scar on her face had come from Si Rongs whip. When shed reincarnated in this body, she could still feel the heartache of its former soul, just like when Jiang Ying had skinned her face in her previous life.

That kind of pain was not just physical, and it couldnt be described in words.

Si Mobais hand froze, and he looked down at Feng Tianlan and saw the sorrow in her eyes. He only felt that his heart was gripped by a large hand. It hurt so much he could barely breathe.

Shed said, "a loved one."

"Who was it?" Si Mobais voice was as cold as the ice of Nine Nether Hells, and it chilled the bone.

"Its inconsequential," Feng Tianlan answered faintly.

The former owner of her body had liked Si Rong, but Feng Tianlan didnt care for him at all. As for Jiang Ying from her previous life, he was already an enemy, so there was no need to pay him any mind, let alone care for him.

"Youre only allowed to like me." Si Mobai lowered his head again to catch her lips. His kiss was filled with dominant possession. It was impossible to resist.

No matter who she used to like, from now on, she was only allowed to like him, and she could only be his. He wouldnt let anyone else lay a finger on her or enter her heart.

Feng Tianlans body stiffened, and she was forced to endure his possessive kiss. She felt like he was going to swallow her whole. Sometime later, when she was out of breath, he finally let her go. She gasped for air. "You"

"You must take my words to heart," Si Mobai reached out and stroked her red and swollen lips, which hed just been sucking on. They were exquisite, and he couldnt help pecking them again. "Come, were going to watch a show."




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