The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Her Face Is Completely Disfigured

"Where are we going?" Feng Tianlan fell into Si Mobais arms. He hid her under his cloak so that her face wouldnt be pierced by the wind blowing by.

He was the one whod kissed her by force, yet hed carefully cushioned her back with his hand. Now he was protecting her with his cloak and not letting the cold wind blow on her. Why was he so careful with her?

Si Mobai didnt say anything. He just brought Feng Tianlan to Tu Xiupeis courtyard. They landed on an Osmanthus tree next to the window, where they could see the room clearly.

"What are we doing here?" Feng Tianlan watched what went on in the room. Tu Xiupei seemed to have just finished taking a bath. She was dressed in sheer undergarments and sitting in front of a bronze mirror. She stroked her face narcissistically.

Si Mobai placed Feng Tianlan sitting on a tree branch. He wrapped her in his cloak. "Just watch the show."

Feng Tianlan frowned, wanting to get a little farther away from him, but he dominantly clasped her in his arms. She had no choice but to curl up then look into the room to see what Tu Xiupei was doing.

After Tu Xiupei finished taking a bath, she felt an intense itch on her face. She felt as if bugs were crawling under her skin and biting her nerves. She couldnt help raising her hand to scratch her face. The slight pain helped eased the discomfort from the itch.

Sitting in front of the bronze mirror, she wanted to use some beautifying pills for her skincare, but when she raised her head and saw herself, she suddenly screamed in horror.

"My face! My face is" Tu Xiupeis face was pale as a ghost. Looking at herself in the bronze mirror, she thought she saw a demon.

What a horrifying face it was. Thousands of tiny blood streaks covered it like webs. Black blood seeped out from the streaks, making her look like a demon.

Tu Xiupei gaped at her own face in horror. She lifted a trembling finger to touch the blood streaks.


Tu Xiupei gasped from the pain. Then, she looked up at her face again, and her eyes opened wide. Her face was full of terror. "My face! Whats happened to it?"

It hurt so much, and all these wounds were real. But her face hadnt been injured recently, so how had it become like this?

"No, theres no way my face has become like this." Tu Xiupei recalled how Xi Jin had looked down on them like an emperor in the sky while standing on his Heavenly Beast, and the fear in her heart intensified.

Her face was now densely covered in black blood streaks. If Big Brother Jin saw her, he would be frightened away. She certainly couldnt let him see her like this.

Tu Xiupei reached for her Beautifying Pills, but her trembling hands accidentally swept them onto the floor. She quickly knelt down and picked them up. She brought her face close to the mirror and applied the medicine. Her fear made her forget the pain.

"Ah!" After she finished applying the Beautifying Pills, Tu Xiupei looked at her face and screamed as if she saw a ghost.

The dense bloodstreams from before hadnt healed. Instead, they had become bigger and bigger, as if they had been torn open.

Her face was completely disfigured.

Feng Tianlan watched Tu Xiupei screaming in front of her vanity with her hands covering her face. She also struck the bronze mirror off the table. The ground was a mess.

"Whats happened to her?" Feng Tianlan asked in confusion. She couldnt see Tu Xiupeis face from this angle, but she could speculate that something terrible had happened to her face.

"Youll know in a bit," Si Mobai said in a low voice.

Feng Tianlan looked up at him with some suspicion. He hadnt done something to Tu Xiupeis face, had he?




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