The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Was Tu Xiupei Disfigured?

Tu Xiupeis shriek attracted the attention of the slave girl and servant who were on night duty, and they worriedly rushed over to ask her what had happened.

When she heard their voices outside, Tu Xiupei shuddered and quickly climbed onto the bed. Her back faced the door, and her body still trembled. She tried her best to suppress the fear in her voice as she said, "Im alright. Go and rest. No matter what sounds you hear, dont come out unless I call for you."

Nobody, absolutely nobody, could see her face like this. The servants were the worst at keeping secrets. Once one of them saw how terrifying she looked, rumors of her disfigurement were sure to spread. Big Brother Jin was still in South Peace City, and these rumors would reach his ears.

She couldnt let anybody see her!

The slave girl and servant hesitated after hearing Tu Xiupeis instructions, then went back to their quarters.

"That was Second Misss voice, right?"

"Did something happen inside? Like, maybe shes being held hostage?"

"I dont think so. Second Miss is so highly skilled. I think she had a nightmare."

"Second Miss was defeated by Feng Tianlan today, so maybe shes in a foul mood and took out it on some of her things."

Tu Xiupei could still hear the voices of the slave girl and the servant, and she couldnt help but cover her face. However, the servants voice was like a voice from heaven. It made her feel restless after hearing it. Her body was becoming warmer and warmer, and she needed to find a way to get this heat out quickly.

Tu Xiupei became so warm that she pulled off the blanket, but she was still warm. She took off her thin, inner garment and was left wearing nothing but her bright red peony patterned underwear.

When Feng Tianlan saw what was happening, she turned to look at Si Mobai only to find that he had leaned on her shoulder without her realizing it. He was breathing steadily as if asleep. She couldnt help but wonder: is he really asleep? Or is he only pretending to sleep now that Tu Xiupei is stripping?

She figured it was the latter!

He was just pretending to be gentlemanly!

He was a lech, after all, acting all gentlemanly after taking advantage of her. This beauty in front of them had now stripped down to her bright red underwear, and it would be a pity if he didnt take this chance to have a good look.

This time, Feng Tianlan had really misunderstood Si Mobai. He had really fallen asleep on her shoulder.

He knew better than anybody else what was happening to Tu Xiupei, so hed leaned against Feng Tialan to rest. Since he knew what was going to happen next, he shut his eyes so that he wouldnt see anything he should not.

Tu Xiupei felt that there was a fire burning within her, and every minute was painful. If not for that last bit of dignity she had left, she might have even taken off her underwear. Her mind was filled with nothing but the servants voice. She felt that his voice sounded wonderful because it had seemed to get rid of the heat she was feeling.

The heat in her body and the black lines on her face had driven Tu Xiupei so crazy that she couldnt think anymore. She took a Beautifying Pill and rubbed her face with it. But her face didnt improve and looked even more terrifying.

She drank glass after glass of water, but her body was still so warm it was about to catch fire. She laid on the bed and couldnt help but touch her warm body, which made her feel a little better and made her let out an uncontrolled moan.

"Second Miss, Third Miss asks you to go over to her room for a while."

After hearing the servants voice outside, Tu Xiupei, who was hungry and thirsty like a person stranded in a desert, felt that she had suddenly found an oasis to cool her down. She seemed to have found a way to let all of this out.

"My sister called?" Tu Xiupeis ability to think logically had been completely consumed by the fire she was feeling deep inside. She only knew that if she didnt put this fire out, it would burn her to death.




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