The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 199

Chapter 199 A Tooth For A Tooth

Tu Xiupei climbed off the bed. She endured terrible heat and numbness as she hobbled over to the door, trying to stop the sound that was about to come out of her. "Come in! Help me to bring something back for my sister."

The servant didnt suspect anything. He went up to push open the door, walked in, and closed the door gently behind him.

"Second Miss"

Tu Xiupei appeared from behind the door. She pushed the servant down in an instant and tore off all the servants clothes with great urgency.

The servant was shocked at first, but soon he was feeling very happy about this. Second Miss was gorgeous and always behaved like she was above everyone. He hadnt expected her to be such a lonely woman who would not even skip the chance to seduce someone like him. He was prepared to perform well, get Second Miss pregnant, and use this to threaten her. That way, he could turn his life around, and maybe even become the next Feng Clan Head.


The servant, who had been full of gleeful plans, was suddenly turned over on his back. The moment he looked up, he was met with a face full of blackened blood vessels. He couldnt tell who this person was at all. He yelped in fright and was instantly frozen on the spot.

"You little b*stard!" Tu Xiupei saw his reaction and immediately slapped the servant, then took out a pill from her storage ring and stuffed it into his mouth. He recoiled from her again.

"Second Miss, nosss!"

The servant couldnt finish his sentence before he was pressed down. But when he saw that the frightening face that belonged to Tu Xiupei, a chill ran through his body and wanted to resist.

"If you dont want to die, dont struggle." Tu Xiupei had finally found her antidote and did not plan on stopping.

The servant was initially terrified by the face, but after thinking harder, he realized that this really was Second Miss. Who cared what she looked like? Once he had impregnated her, he could threaten her and become an important person soon.

The servant closed his eyes and pulled Tu Xiupei into his embrace and made his move. For the sake of a bright and wealthy future, he gave it his all.

Feng Tianlan was outside and saw the servant go in. After that, the doors and windows were all closed, so she didnt see anything. But when she heard certain sounds coming from the room, her face immediately reddened. She felt so awkward she couldnt sit still anymore.


"Lets go back." Si Mobai woke up when he heard the servants voice. He carried Feng Tianlan, leaped down from the tree, and left Tu Xiupeis pavilion.

After reaching her own courtyard, Feng Tianlan was still full of questions. No matter how terrible Tu Xiupei was, she wouldnt do anything this crazy. What could have made her pounce on a servant, someone she looked down on?

"Whats going on?" Feng Tianlan asked Si Mobai. Since he was the one who had brought her to watch this show, he must know what was going on.

Si Mobai carefully placed her on the bed. When he saw her red and slightly swollen lips, he couldnt help but bend his head to bite them gently. "Just a tooth for a tooth."

Feng Tianlan pressed her hands against his chest to stop him from coming close. She frowned. "Explain yourself."

He must have done something. Otherwise, how could Tu Xiupei have become like this?

"Ill talk after Ive kissed enough." Her actions were only turning him on. A gentle bite turned into a deep kiss. It was so domineering that she didnt even have a gap to breathe. He only relaxed after she really couldnt breathe anymore, but his lips were still stuck to hers, as amorous as ever.

He just loved being with her. It made him feel so relaxed!

Feng Tianlan was taking huge breaths, and she opened her eyes wide to glare at the huge and handsome face in front of her. The pretty eyes staring at her were like flowers blooming in spring, full of seduction. "You lech!"




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