The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Now You Seem More Human

Si Mobais lips curled into a faint smile. Then, he pulled her into his arms and rolled them both onto the bed. She was on the inside, he was on the outside, and their fingers intertwined.

"Si Mobai!" Feng Tianlan could not tolerate sleeping in the same bed. This crossed the line. Even if he was just teasing her, there was a limit!

Si Mobai turned on his side, using his palm to support his cheek, then he blinked several times at Feng Tianlan, whose face was completely red. "The Silver Silk Net cut her face, so I put something on her that day. From now on, shell act up every two weeks. The only antidote is to have intercourse with a man. Otherwise, her face will eventually melt into mud and flare up even more frequently."

Feng Tianlan glared at him. "Get off!"

If he wanted to talk, he could talk to her properly. Why did he have to converse while lying in her bed?

Si Mobai saw that her face was all red. Her eyes were wide, and her cheeks were so prominent that it was like looking at a carp. He thought that she was so adorable.

"Im going to sleep, so you sleep too." Si Mobai put his hand down, shifted, and stretched out his hand to pull her into his embrace very naturally. The gesture was so ordinary, not deliberate at all. It was if he had done it countless times before.

Feng Tianlans body went stiff. The large hand that held her gently around the waist was neither tight nor loose, but it didnt give her any chance to escape.

"Si Mobai."


His response was calm, gentle, and mesmerizing. It numbed her ears because it sounded so wonderful. Her heart couldnt help but tremble for a while.

"Its not right for a single man and woman to be so intimate."

"Im just hugging you. Im not doing anything intimate." Si Mobai shut his eyes and placed his chin on her shoulder. His chin moved slightly as he spoke.

Feng Tianlan was speechless. This wasnt the legendary fearless Wargod! This man was obviously a shameless hooligan.

"Go to sleep. Otherwise, Ill think youre trying to hint at me to do something more." Si Mobai tightened his hold around her waist, and his lips curled upward happily. He liked the way she looked when she was struck speechless by him.

"One day, Ill be able to best you." Feng Tianlan clenched her teeth as she said this. She couldnt defeat him now, so she could only go along with whatever he wanted. Once she was able to beat him, she wouldnt be cornered like this anymore.

Si Mobai grunted quietly, "When that happens, youll be on top and Ill be on bottom."

"You" Feng Tianlans petite face immediately turned as red as fire, but she couldnt think of how to refute him. She could only curse at him, "You lech!"

Si Mobai opened his eyes and saw how she was angry but shy, and he couldnt help but laugh a little. "Now, you seem more human."

She seemed more human once she displayed more emotions. Usually, she had a faint smile on her face, but she was so distant that it made him feel that he was on the other side of the worldeven when he was standing right next to her. That faint smile also made her look like she didnt belong to this world and could disappear at any time.

It was only when she was like thissometimes smiling, sometimes angrythat she was more like a normal human being, and he was able to get closer to her.

Feng Tianlan didnt want to bother with him anymore. She couldnt defeat him in a fight, and his words left her speechless. In front of him, she felt like she was always utterly bullied.

When she heard steady breathing next to her ear again, Feng Tianlan peeked over at Si Mobai. She could only see his side profile, those long eyelashes of his, and there was a faint smell of alcohol on him. After leaving Feng Manor, hed probably gone drinking and had consumed quite a bit.

There were still some red scabby bits on his eyebrows that matched the red dot between his brows, enchanting and captivating. She shut her eyes, and her heart trembled.




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