The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Sleeping In The Same Bed

When she thought about that blood-red dot, Feng Tianlan was confused in her heart. She shut her eyes to stop herself from thinking anymore. She told herself that she would maintain a greater distance between them next time and would not just let him do whatever he wanted. She really couldnt take it!

She could hear his steady breathing next to her ear and smell the wine hed drunk mixed with his usual minty smell. She was perplexed and couldnt sleep, so she just stared at the curtains and thought about all the different techniques shed read about in her previous life in the hopes of calming herself down.

In the yellow candlelight, the curtains embroidered with green bamboo motifs blew gently in the wind. Feng Tianlan was on the bed, curled up in Si Mobais embrace like a little cat, and he held her like he was holding a great treasure.

It wasnt awkward or romantic, but very natural, as if they had slept this way a long time ago.

Somewhere in her subconscious, Feng Tianlan could hear Chuling calling her. She suddenly awoke and stretched out a hand to push the man sleeping next to her. "Hurry up and go"

"Miss?" Chuling opened the door and saw Feng Tianlans hand in that pushing motion and was suddenly anxious. "Miss, who are you asking to hurry up and go?"

Feng Tianlan had stretched out to push the air. There was no Si Mobai next to her. If not for the dent in the pillow, she would have thought the night before was just a dream.

"Miss, youve had a nightmare, right?" Chuling froze for a while. Then, with teary eyes, she walked over to Feng Tianlan and sniffed as she hoarsely said, "Dont worry, Miss. It wont happen again."

Her Miss must have dreamt about that day when she had been captured and had told her to leave quickly.


Chuling wiped her tears away. "Miss, I wont become a burden to you."

Feng Tianlan rubbed her temples and decided not to bother explaining. She asked, "Whats happened?"

She hadnt seen either Chuling or Yunzhu since she had faked her death, so she hadnt even had a chance to tell them about what had happened the day before.

Chuling slapped her forehead and remembered what shed meant to say. "Second Miss and Third Miss are fighting."

"What happened?" Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow. It was early in the morning, and theyd already started fighting?

"I dont know the details. I just heard about it, so I quickly came to look for Miss."

Feng Tianlan pulled off the blanket and climbed out of bed. She had slept with her outer garments on. After rinsing her mouth, she headed out, and Chuling updated her on what she knew.

Tu Xiuyu had said that she wanted to kill Tu Xiupei to avenge her dead child, while Tu Xiupei had said something about Tu Xiuyu adding something to her Beautifying Pill moisturizer, and that was why they were fighting.

But because Tu Xiupei didnt want her image to suffer, she wouldnt fight Tu Xiuyu too viciously. That way, shed become the disadvantaged one pitied by everyone.

Added something to her Beautifying Pill moisturizer?

Feng Tianlan thought about what shed witnessed last night and raised an eyebrow. That had been Si Mobais doing, but it had coincided with all these other incidents. Now, the sisters were at loggerheads and accusing each other.

By the time Feng Tianlan arrived, Tu Xiupeis hair was a mess, and her face showed some additional cuts. Her clothes had been pulled apart enough to reveal her clean and white neck, but there were no bruises or love marks from what happened the night before.

Tu Xiuyu, on the other hand, had collapsed on the floor, her head tilted, and there was some blood on the floor. From a distance, Feng Tianlan could see that one cheek was swollen. She had obviously been slapped so hard that shed spat out blood.

Feng Tianlan looked up at the crowd and lazily commented, "Its pretty lively here first thing in the morning, huh?"

"Feng Tianlan, dont be too gleeful. I told you, Big Brother Rong is never marrying you, never!" Tu Xiupei shrieked at Feng Tianlan.




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