The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Well Calculated Moves

Also, she thought that Si Mobai liked her. Did she really believe that she was the top female genius in the world, and all men were in love with her?

Tu Xiupei scoffed and stuck her chin out like an arrogant peacock. "Im not like you, giving just anybody a chance."

It was okay if the Wargod liked her, but he was only eligible to do her bidding, even if it cost him his life, and he had to be the one to beg her for the privilege. She wasnt going to take the initiative. She didnt want him to think that she was interested in him.

Feng Tianlan started laughing mockingly when she saw how narcissistic Tu Xiupei was. She used to think that Tu Xiupei was pretty good at acting, but now she realized that she wasnt even worth one finger on Shen Yunyas hand. If she still wanted to be Big Brother Jins wife, at this rate, Shen Yunya wouldnt even need to lift a finger to get rid of her.

"If Father doesnt hand over the genealogy and keys, then Ill have to get the emperor to send down an edict." Feng Tianlan glanced back at Tu Xiang, who was trying to make himself invisible.

"The emperor is very busy and doesnt just go around helping anybody like that." Tu Xiang stiffened his neck and looked at Feng Tianlan. He continued in the sweetest voice possible, "Tianlan, were father and daughter, and family members dont bear grudges against each other. Since we all live under the same roof, you can be in charge of the seal, and Ill be in charge of the household. Doesnt that work for all of us?"

"I know that Father has burned the original genealogy and that the current one only has four names on it. So, if Father still doesnt hand the keys over, then after were done with the dinner at the Spiritual Foods Restaurant, Ill call the guests over to the ancestral hall to take a look"

Tu Xiang quickly cut in, "Tianlan, which part of filial piety do you not understand? Ive already said that you can be the clan head, but Ill take care of the family. This way, we both benefit. Why dont you understand?"

"Benefit?" Feng Tianlan laughed coldly. If she were the head in name but not in practice, that would not be beneficial to her at all. Did he think she was stupid?

Tu Xiang thought that she wanted benefits, so he quickly added, "Ill tell you what. You like the Third Prince, right? Ill talk to him, and hell marry you. Hell take you as his official wife."

"Father!" Tu Xiupei screeched. "Thats my man! How can you ask him to marry Feng Tianlan, that useless and ugly woman!"

Third Prince was her man. They had slept together and had a child together even, so how could he marry Feng Tianlan? She would not allow that Feng Tianlan was not worthy of Big Brother Rong.

"But, if you want to marry him, I have a request." Tu Xiang looked at Tu Xiuyu, then commanded as her father, "Its not that you cant marry Third Prince, but you have to let Yuer also marry him. You will be the official wife, but her status will be equal with yours, and both sisters can support the Third Prince together."


Feng Tianlan laughed coldly at Tu Xiang, "What a well-calculated move."

Somehow, they never seemed to remember that she had repudiated Si Rong!

Tu Xiang looked at her and thought that there was a chance, so he added, "If both sisters support him, then you can live safely and strengthen your position in the palace. This will only benefit you both, and neither of you will suffer. So, you see, actually, I really do dote on you. Ive already created a wonderful path for your future."

"Father, I dont want this arrangement. Shes not worthy of Big Brother Rong. I insist" Tu Xiupei dashed over. Before she could finish speaking, her left cheek was slapped hard once more. She held her swollen and painful face. Her bloodshot eyes glared at Tu Xiang while she shrieked, "Father, its fine if you hit me over Tu Xiupei. But now, youve hit me because of this sl*t" PAK!

"She is your elder sister. How can you call her a sl*t?" Tu Xiang had hit Tu Xiuyu without mercy. Tu Xiuyus head was turned to one side from the impact, and her messy hair covered half her face. She looked like a madwoman.

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