The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 204

Chapter 204 You Cant Keep Your Mothers Coffin Closed

Feng Tianlan looked on coldly. Tu Xiang had hit Tu Xiupei hard; he was undoubtedly a man who would stop at nothing to obtain power. Nothing else was important to him besides power.

"Father, why hit Yuer over something like this"

Tu Xiuyu screamed and cut off Tu Xiupei, "I dont need your fake concern. You killed my child. You will pay for it with your life, sooner or later!"

Tu Xiupei thought about what had happened last night and couldnt help but touch her face. An evil glint flashed in her eyes as she calmly said, "Father, then continue hitting her. Since she hasnt learned her lesson, you might as well beat her to death. Otherwise, shell drag us through the mud."

Nobody had ever touched her Beautifying Pills or moisturizer. The only person who had touched any of these things was Tu Xiuyu, and that had been around a month agoexactly the time when her face had been injured, and shed been using a lot of the cream.

So, Tu Xiuyu must be jealous of her and had added something into her cream. That was why, last night, her face had suddenly been covered with red lines. There was some sort of aphrodisiac inside as well, and that was why shed hungrily pounced on a disgusting servant.

At least, after having sex, her face had returned to its original beauty. It now seemed even better than before. Her complexion was clear and glowing, and her eyes were even more alluring.

She was no longer a virgin, but she would think of something to hide the fact so that she could still be Big Brother Jins wife, a future empress of the Xuantian Continent.

But she wasnt going to just let Tu Xiupei go after losing her virginity like this. She was going to make Tu Xiupei pay an even higher price.

"Why dont you continue acting? Youve killed my son, and now you cant wait for me to die. Youre such a vicious woman. No man would ever want to marry you. Do you still think youll become an empress? Dream on."

"Youve had premarital sex and a secret affair. You dont even have a chance to dream," Tu Xiupei retorted.

"You can dream on about being an empress. Im going to tell the Wargod and that Supreme that youre just a shameless wh*re wholl sleep with anybody. Stupid sl*t."

"Tu Xiuyu, youre asking for it." When Tu Xiuyu said these words, Tu Xiupei was even more confident that last night had been Tu Xiuyus doing. Her anger burned, and she lifted a hand to strike Tu Xiuyu.

Tu Xiuyu had lost any ability to fight. When she saw how fiercely Tu Xiupei was coming at her, she quickly ran to hide behind Tu Xiang and squeaked, "Father, shes coming to kill me, her own younger sister."

"Stop it right now. How can sisters turn on each other like this? Why dont you channel this energy into fighting outsiders instead?" Tu Xiang shouted angrily.

"She is an outsider. Look at her; she might be some b*stard child."

When he heard this, Tu Xiang was so angry that he turned around and gave Tu Xiuyu another slap. "Shut up."

"Concubine Xu, did you have good dreams last night?" Feng Tianlan looked up to see Xu Jiayi standing at the entrance to the courtyard, her face all pale. She couldnt help but raise an eyebrow. Was Xu Jiayi hiding something?

Xu Jiayi put her usual face back on, then went up to help up Tu Xiuyu, who was bawling after being hit by her father. "With you around, how can I have any good dreams?"

She had turned from Madam to Concubine Xu overnight, and she was now the laughingstock of the entire manor. How could she have slept well? She had thought about it for a very long time last night and had finally decided after much struggle to find someone to deal with Feng Tianlan for her.

"Just now, Number Three said that Number Two is a b*stard, and I saw that Concubine Xus face didnt look so good." Feng Tianlans lips curled a little as she watched Xu Jiayis face carefully.

Xu Jiayi helped Tu Xiuyu up and looked up angrily at Feng Tianlan. "You are the b*stard. It looks like the lid of your mothers coffin cant stay put, and shes going to jump out."




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