The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Tianlan Asserts Her Authority

Feng Tianlans face immediately grew cold, hearing these words. She lifted her hand and slapped Xu Jiayi hard. When Xu Jiayi looked up, she used the back of her hand and struck her the other way. She kept going for several more slaps.

"Feng Tianlan, what right do you have to hit my mother?" Tu Xiupei froze for a while from the shock. Then, she quickly ran over to pull Xu Jiayi aside. These slaps were given in a matter of seconds.

Xu Jiayi had been slapped so hard she was dizzy. She hadnt expected Feng Tianlan to hit her without saying a word.

Feng Tianlans eyes were cold, and she looked at her palm, which had gone red from all the slapping. She calmly said, "The children of a concubine cannot call their mother Mother.’"

"You" Tu Xiupei glared at her. "She is my biological mother, so I can call her anything I want. Besides, our name is"

"Tu, not Feng. So, yes, you are an heir of the Tu family." Feng Tianlan smiled coldly as she helped Tu Xiupei finish her sentence. She looked at Tu Xiupei mockingly. "If I were you, I would have plucked up some courage and left Feng Manor yesterday."

"Feng Manor is ours. Even if it was yours before, it will be ours again in the future." Tu Xiupei glared angrily at Feng Tianlan. Since Feng Tianlan cared so much about Feng Manor, Tu Xiupei was going to work harder to snatch it away from her.

Feng Tianlan glanced at Tu Xiupei with disdain, then looked at Tu Xiang and said, "Tu Xiang, Ive given you a chance already."

"Tianlan, youre still young, and youve never done this before. Ill tell you what, let me teach you step by step how to take care of the household. Then, once youre ready to go, Ill hand everything over to you," Tu Xiang could see that Feng Tianlan didnt want to give in and looked somewhat nasty, but he tried to hold it in and coax her.

Besides, she kept calling him Tu Xiang again and again, which really made him so mad that he wanted to tear her mouth off!

Feng Tianlan looked at him and smiled a little. Then, she didnt say anymore.

All the people working in Feng Manor had started trickling into the small courtyard. Once Tu Xiupei saw that there were other people around, she put on her gentle and kind face again. She didnt seem to remember that her mask had already been torn off last night.

"Tianlan, what do you say?" Tu Xiang saw that she remained silent and took her silence as consent. But he was still doubtful, so he wanted to confirm this.

Feng Tianlan calmly replied, "Im going to the palace tomorrow."

"You think you can enter the palace just because you want to?" Xu Jiayi couldnt help but ask Feng Tianlan sarcastically. What sort of place did she think the palace was? Nobody was allowed to enter the palace without being summoned first.

Tu Xiupei snorted mockingly. This Feng Tianlan really overestimated herself.

"Youve been living as the Fengs for the past ten years, but youve never received any of the special privileges to which the Fengs are entitled." Feng Tianlan scanned them and continued, "Any Feng can enter the palace without being summoned."

The Fengs had been given these special privileges: They didnt need to bow to anyone, and they could enter the palace without being called. Even though they held no office in the palace, the Fengs and the royal family shared the same power over the nation.

As for why Tu Xiang and the rest of his family had never enjoyed these privileges, it was because they werent descendants of the Feng family.

Tu Xiang and the rest heard this, and their faces darkened.

Feng Tianlan took two steps forward and stopped right in front of Tu Xiang. She looked up at him and said, "You think last night was the end? No, that was only the beginning."

"You" Tu Xiang was so frightened by the icy look in Feng Tianlans eyes he took a step back. He swallowed his saliva and stared back at her. "What else do you want to do?"

Feng Qingling now walked over and said excitedly, "Laner, everyone is here."

Since she had called to gather everyone, Laner was going to assert her authority, and he was waiting with great anticipation!




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