The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Too Cruel Too Vicious

Feng Tianlan nodded in response, then looked up to see all the servants standing around in a muddle in the courtyard. "Those who have been here for more than ten years, stand to the right with your families. Those who entered Feng Manor within the last ten years, stand on the left."

All of them already knew that a new clan head had been chosen last night, so some immediately stood where they should. Others looked up at Tu Xiang first then reluctantly moved after seeing no reaction from him.

"Uncle." Feng Tianlan pointed to the few who had made their decisions only after looking at Tu Xiang first then calmly said, "Cut their tongues off and break their limbs."

Feng Qingling was taken aback at first, then he nodded and said, "Got it."

From now on, he was going to be Tianlans arms and legs, so he should not question any of her words. He only needed to listen to her commands and trust in any decision she made.

Feng Qingling had brought along some loyal Feng family bodyguards, and they immediately cut the tongues and broke the limbs of those few people whom she had pointed out. All the other servants started screaming.

"Feng Tianlan, youre too cruel. Those people have worked hard for the Fengs, so how could youhow could you" Tu Xiupeis acting shot through the roof when she saw what was happening. Her eyes were red, and tears were falling as she accused Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan was really coldblooded now. She had given orders to cut out their tongues and made sure they were followed. This was completely different from the Feng Tianlan whom theyd known to be weak for the past ten years.

"Stand properly." Feng Tianlan merely shot her a glance and didnt bother any further with her. If she wanted to act, then she could act in a corner by herself. She had plenty of ways to tear off Tu Xiupeis hypocritical mask.

After witnessing such a bloody scene, the servants dared not mill around anymore. Everyone quickly took their places, looked down, and placed their hands in front of them. They looked as solemn and fearful as possible.

"Feng Tianlan, youre not fit to be the clan head by behaving like this. Youre too cruel, toocruel, and too terrifying!" Tu Xiupeis voice was now trembling as she accused Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan looked at all the servants then pointed to a few of them standing right at the back. "All of you, come and stand right in front of me."

They did not hesitate and moved to the front. They were filled with great fear, but they still bowed properly and called out, "Clan Head."

Feng Tianlan nodded. "Go and stand next to Uncle."

They looked strangely at her. Hadnt she called them out to cut their tongues or break their limbs?

When she saw their expressions, Feng Tianlan smiled gently. "All of you here have taken care of me, so I will always remember your kindness and how hard it has been for you all these years."

These servants did the dirtiest and most tiring work in the house and lived very quietly in Feng Manor. These were the ones who had secretly protected her and passed her food, clothes, blankets, and more. They had even quietly brought medication to her.

They had to do this in secret because they knew that the moment they were found out, they wouldnt be able to do this for her anymore.

Even if she had said that she wanted to cut out their tongues and break their limbs, they wouldnt have protested because they were loyal to nobody but her.

"We were only doing what we should." After hearing what Feng Tianlan said, this loyal little group couldnt help but become teary-eyed. Theyd thought that their tongues were going to be cut off, but theyd never thought that Feng Tianlan would recognize all that they had done for her in the past.

At the same time, theyd realized that the ones who tongues had been cut off were also the ones who bullied Feng Tianlan in the past. Now, their new Feng Clan Head was taking revenge and asserting her authority.

After doing things in secret for ten years, they could finally walk with their heads high and stand beside the Feng Clan Head. They believed their Clan Head was a phoenix who was going to fly high and mighty into the sky!

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