The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 207

Chapter 207 How About You Kneel And Beg Me?

Feng Qingling looked at Feng Tianlan with much praise in his heart. First, shed used a bloody and violent method to show the servants what would happen if they betrayed her, then shed showed them what would happen if they were loyal to her. With such an obvious comparison, it would be easy to assert her authority.

"The head of the bodyguards died in my hands, but it didnt seem to serve as a warning to any of you"

Before Feng Tianlan could finish her sentence, all the servants immediately kneeled and kowtowed while begging for mercy, "Feng Clan Head, please spare our lives! Please spare us!"

"Feng Clan Head, save us, please!"

Feng Tianlan took one look at those kneeling and begging to be saved and called them out. "Those ones over there, beat them to death."

The clan head they were quite obviously referring to wasnt herself but Tu Xiang. Since they still called Tu Xiang the head even after Feng Tianlan had taken over, they must be considered as loyal to Tu Xiang.

"Clan Head, save us!!" All the servants that Feng Tianlan had pointed to had been dragged aside by Feng Qingling and his men, and they were still struggling and begging for help.

Tu Xiang watched from the side and frowned, wondering if he should speak up. This was a good chance for him to build a positive image within Feng Manor.

Tu Xiupei had also thought of this, but she didnt hesitate like Tu Xiang. She immediately ran out to block Feng Qingling. "Uncle"

Feng Qingling looked at her with great contempt. "Miss Tu, Im afraid youve called the wrong person. You dont have the right to call me Uncle.’"

Tu Xiupeis face darkened, but she continued to pretend in front of him, and said gently, "I called your sister Mother, so I thought I should call you Uncle.’"

Feng Qingling scornfully snorted. This was the first time hed seen someone so thick-skinned and shameless.

"Uncle." Tu Xiupei continued to block Feng Qingling. "They are all servants of the Feng family. If you beat them to death like this, you will only strike fear in the hearts of the others, and nobody will dare to work for us anymore. Why dont you spare their lives?"

Feng Qingling looked with great disdain at Tu Xiupei and pushed her aside with a wave of his hand. "Get out of my way. Who do you think you are to order me around?"

Tu Xiupei stumbled backward and saw Feng Qingling walk past her. A murderous glint flashed in her eyes, but since her cinnabar field had been damaged by Feng Tianlan the night before, she was no match for him now.

Howls of pain rang through the courtyard as wooden rods weighing twenty to thirty pounds each were used to beat the servants.

"Eldest Sister, dont hit them anymore, they are all people who work in Feng Manor and are loyal to the Fengs," Tu Xiupei started pleading for them in front of Feng Tianlan with her eyes all red and teary.

Feng Tianlan saw realistic Tu Xiupeis acting was, and her lips curled up. "If youre sincere about pleading for them, how about you kneel and beg me?"

"You" Tu Xiupei glared at her angrily.

"Why? Just for show?" If she wanted to pretend to plead for the servants, then Feng Tianlan was more than happy if Tu Xiupei kneeled to beg.

Tu Xiupei clenched her teeth and glared at Feng Tianlan. She would never kneel before Feng Tianlanshe didnt even need to think about it. Those lowly servants werent worthy of her getting down on her precious knees.

Feng Tianlan laughed mockingly. "You see that? Your Second Miss isnt sincerely pleading for you."

"Feng Tianlan, dont go too far."

Feng Tianlan ignored her and picked up the tea that Chuling had just served and took a sip. She looked at the bunch, who were howling away in pain, and said, "Ill give you a chance to live. As long as you tell me what Tu Xiang, Xu Jiayi, Tu Xiuyu, and Tu Xiupei have been doing all these years, then I will consider sparing your lives."

"Feng Tianlan, youre forcing a confession out of them!" Tu Xiupei shouted at Feng Tianlan. Her face immediately turned white when she heard this.

"Tianlan, dont go too far. I am your father, and this behavior is unfilial and goes against the morals set by heaven. As your father, I have the right to put you to death for this."

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