The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Xu Jiayi Had An Affair?

Tu Xiang had a nasty expression as well. All this had happened too quickly, and his most trusted butler was in that group. He had asked this butler to do many dirty things for him, so who knew what he might say to save his life?

Feng Tianlan looked at him mockingly. "Even the emperor doesnt have the right to put me to death. Do you think you have this right?"

Another special privilege of the Fengs was that the emperor could never sentence the heirs of the family to death, no matter the crime.

Hearing this, Tu Xiangs face turned even nastier.

"If you still want to interfere with Feng family matters, then I will have no choice but to chase you out of Feng Manor." Feng Tianlan calmly closed the case.

Tu Xiang glared at Feng Tianlan, but for the sake of staying in the house, he could only reluctantly take a step back and stop interfering.

Feng Tianlan laughed coldly. Then came the sound of rods hitting flesh accompanied by blood-curdling screams. The rest of the servants in the courtyard shrank back in fear. Their backs were bent as they trembled and dared not even squeak. Anyone on whom Feng Tianlans gaze fell wanted to dig a hole and hide in it, in case she called them out next.

"Im going to give you a chance to redeem yourselves. As long as you can testify against Tu Xiang and his family and tell me their crimes, I will spare you one beating of the rod for each crime you mention. If you can tell me ten things, then Ill spare your life." Feng Tianlan looked at the servants in front of her, then over at those who were nearly dead from the beatings.

"You still have a chance. Otherwise, if you are beaten another two more times, I think youll have to go to hell and tell the devil what you want to say."

The bodyguards gave a good whack at an opportune moment. With a howl, one of the servants raised his hand and weakly said, "IIll say something."

Feng Tianlan curled her lips and passed a Grade 9 Quick Healing Pill to Chuling.

Chuling went up to him and fed him the pill. "Hurry up and say it. Pills arent given out for fun."

When Tu Xiupei saw how easily Feng Tianlan had taken out a Quick Healing Pill to give to a servant, she couldnt help but frown. There was undoubtedly some powerful alchemist behind her, and she must have used some dirty tricks to obtain his assistance.

Humph, she was determined to coax the identity of this alchemist from Feng Tianlans mouth then use a massive amount of money to bribe him to her side. She wanted to see whether Feng Tianlan would still dare to be so arrogant after that!

"MadamConcubine Xu sold off the previous Feng Clan Heads dowry."

Feng Tianlan snorted lightly. "Uncle, incapacitate his four limbs and throw him out of the house."

"Clan Head, spare my lifeAHH!" The servant screamed as his limbs were broken. He fainted and was dragged from the house.

He was alive, but after being disabled, he was nearly as good as dead.

Feng Tianlan saw that nobody else wanted to speak up, so she said, "Come on. Continue."

"Clan Head, Ill say something." Another servant noticed the bodyguards picking up the wooden rods again. He was so frightened that he immediately crawled on the ground. "Ive seen a man enter Concubine Xus room. We made things difficult for you before because Third Miss told us to. We are only servants, and we didnt have a choice."

"My dear, dont listen to his nonsense. Hes just desperate to stay alive, and thats why he said that." Xu Jiayis face immediately changed when she heard this. She put down Tu Xiuyu to quickly explain things to Tu Xiang.

"Im not speaking nonsense. I even heard a certain kind of moaning. Also, Madam asked for water because she was perspiring," the same servant anxiously added, afraid that if he didnt say it in time, hed be killed by those wooden rods.

"Jiayi." Tu Xiangs face was very dark now. He suddenly remembered what Tu Xiuyu had said earlier about how Tu Xiupei was a b*stard child and couldnt help but suspect Xu Jiayi. Could it be that she had already made a cuckold of him a long time ago?




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