The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Infighting Again

Xu Jiayis face fell, and she didnt explain. Instead, her voice became cold. "There were so many outstanding men that I could have married, but I didnt. Instead, I came here to be your concubine. Do you think Im that sort of woman?"

After thinking about it, Tu Xiang realized that she was right. She had suffered as a result of marrying him beneath her station.

"Clan Head, everything I said is true." The servant was so anxious that his voice began to tremble, and he kept saying that everything he had said was true.

Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow at Xu Jiayi and curled her lips slightly. "Throw him out and sell him off somewhere."

Xu Jiayi had an affair?

Regardless of whether it was true or not, someone sneaking into her room in the middle of the night was suspicious. Besides, Xu Jiayi wasnt as simple as she seemed. Who was she, really?

Feng Tianlan decided that she had to investigate Xu Jiayi properly. She might reap some surprising rewards.

The servant who had been spared quickly kowtowed. "Thank you, Clan Head, thank you so much."

Feng Tianlan looked at all the servants with their heads lowered. These people had very little choice but to follow the orders of whoever was in power. Many of them had been around since her mother was alive, and she could understand that they had been put in an awkward position after her mothers death. But she wasnt going to let off those who had deliberately betrayed her mother.

"Im going to give you another chance. If you have something to say, spit it out fast. If you have nothing else to say, then well continue with the beatings." Feng Tianlan turned to instruct Feng Qingling, "Uncle, I will not allow any overlaps in their stories. If someone says something that isnt true or plausible, cut their tongue off immediately."

"Got it." Feng Qingling straightened his back. This tactic was a bit cruel, but since these people were disloyal, it wasnt necessary to show them any mercy.

Everyone looked at the one servant in the corner waiting to be sold, and the other servant, whod already died from his beating. With such a stark contrast in front of them, they knew that their new clan head, Feng Tianlan, was a woman who meant what she said.

Their desire to live made them forget everything else and they started coming forward one after another to spill the beans about things that Tu Xiang and the others had done.

"When I was younger, I saw Second Miss push you into the water and nearly drown you to death"

"I can testify to how Third Miss has been whipping you for so many years."

"The technique that Second Miss taught you ten years ago was fake."

"Tu Xiang visited the brothel does that count?"

"I can testify that Second Miss was the one who put something into Third Miss Restoration Pill. She said that Third Miss was too stupid and would get in the way, so she might as well destroy her."

"I can also swear that Third Miss often secretly goes to Second Miss room and refuses to let anyone follow her. I dont know what she does inside."

The ones whod only entered Feng Manor within the last ten years did know a thing or two, but nothing that was of any importance. Feng Tianlan really wanted to burst out laughing when she heard the part about the Restoration Pill. None of what theyd said was true, but if their statements could make Tu Xiuyu and Tu Xiupei turn against each other, then shed take them as truth.

"I knew it! Youre the one who poisoned me and caused my son to die. You evil woman!" When she heard this, Tu Xiuyu couldnt endure it any longer and roared as she pounced on Tu Xiupei.

Tu Xiupei turned to one side and resisted the urge to kill her there and then. She pretended to frown in concern. "Yuer, stop trying to tear us apart. How could I have done something like that to you?"

The fetus had barely formed during one month of pregnancy, but Tu Xiuyu kept referring to this child as her son. What a joke!

"Return my sons life to me!" Tu Xiuyu had gone crazy, and she wanted nothing else but to tear Tu Xiupei to pieces.

Once she had torn Tu Xiupei to shreds to avenge her son, she was going to kill Feng Tianlan. There was no way she was going to allow her sons murderers to live!




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