The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 21

Chapter 21: You Are Not Worthy

Feng Tianlan pouted slightly as her gaze lingered on Luo Yunzhu's now vanished frame. Why would she flee faster than a rabbit at the sight of the Wargod emerging from the Fragrance Restaurant?

Chuling stood behind Feng Tianlan. Her knees went weak at the sound of approaching footsteps. She'd also wanted to escape alongside Miss Luo; the Wargod was simply too terrifying. His footsteps sounded like the haunts of vicious ghosts and made her tremble all over.

Feng Tianlan also heard the footsteps and leaned slightly toward them. She saw that Si Mobai's gown, which fluttered in the wind, was missing a corner. He passed her, looking like a celestial being. What a strong presence he has. Si Mobai even glows when casually strolling. No wonder people call him "Wargod." He is indeed worthy of the word "god"!

When Si Mobai had moved some distance away, Chuling released her clenched breath and said, "Miss, it's too terrifying to be around the Wargod. We should keep our distance."

Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow. Maybe because she'd always been surrounded by powerful beings in her previous life, she was not particularly scared of Si Mobai's aura.

When they returned to the Feng Manor, all the lights were lit. Servants lined up solemnly on both sides of the passageway leading to the main hall. It was as if she were on trial in a Three-Judge Court!

"Miss." Chuling quickly understood the situation and trembled. To call it a trial in a Three-Judge Court was an understatement. It looked like they were going to execute her!

"There's nothing to be afraid of," Feng Tianlan said, stealing a glimpse at the servants. She stepped in, composed, inspecting everyone in the room.

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A charismatic and mannerly middle-aged man sat at the head seat in the main hall. He must have been quite the charming fellow when he was young. Beside him sat a lady, seemingly despising everything, with her chin up and a haughty air. If it were not for the woman's hairdo, which signified that she was married, she could have easily passed as a girl in her twenties. She looked really young, but her vicious glare made her expression look a little twisted. The middle-aged man was Feng Tianlan's father, Feng Xiang. The lady was her stepmother, Xu Jiayi!

As soon as Feng Tianlan reached the middle of the hall, she heard a sharp, fierce order: "Kneel!"

Chuling, who was following her, jumped at the sudden noise. She knelt down instantly and kowtowed, banging her forehead hard on the floor.

"Master, it's all my fault!" she cried. "My lady had nothing to do with it. Master, I beg you, forgive my lady."

Feng Tianlan frowned and reached for Chuling. "Get up."

"Miss, if I plead with Master, he will definitely lessen your punishment," she replied.

Chuling gently removed Feng Tianlan's hand and knelt earnestly, continuing to grovel. She'd let the excitement go to her head when her lady had suddenly defeated Third Miss. How could she have forgotten about their Master? No matter how remarkable her lady might be, she couldn't escape her father's grip.

Feng Tianlan forcefully pulled Chuling up and said sternly, "We, the Fengs, may kneel in front of heaven, earth, and our Master, but we never bend our knees for outsiders!"

"Miss..." Chuling's voice shook as she looked up at an icy Feng Tianlan. She seemed to see the aura and pressure of a clan head about the young lady.

"Presumptuous!" Feng Xiang was enraged at the word "outsider." He slammed the table angrily, leaving a deep imprint on the tabletop. "I wanted to give you a light punishment for the sake of your late mother, but now..."

"Save it!" Feng Tianlan looked up at Feng Xiang coldly. "You are not worthy." He has no right to punish me, much less mention my mother! Feng Xiang was stunned by Feng Tianlan's air of coldness and straightforwardness.

It took him a while to snap out of it, only to slam the table again, more furious than before, again shouting, "Kneel!"

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