The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Just Kill Them All

When they saw this happening, Tu Xiang and Xu Jiayi started getting anxious again, but Feng Qingling blocked them to one side and didnt allow them to interfere. Who were they kidding? Tianlan wanted to watch a good show, and he wasnt going to let anyone interrupt.

Feng Tianlan sipped her tea and watched Tu Xiuyu chase after Tu Xiupei like a mad dog and try to bite her. One was giving chase, and the other was trying to hide. Feng Tianlan wanted to see how long the magnanimous and kind Tu Xiupei would be able to hold in her horrible true self when faced with such a crazy person.

"Youre nuts! That fetus had barely formed, but you keep saying that it was your son. Since youre so dumb, you should thank me for helping you get rid of a descendant that would have been even dumber than you!"

After Tu Xiuyu had managed to scratch Tu Xiupeis face, she couldnt hold it in anymore. She sent Tu Xiuyu flying with one palm and looked at her with contempt.

If not for the fact that there were so many people present, Tu Xiupei would have killed her sister a long time ago on account of how Tu Xiuyu had added something to her moisturizer!

"Feng Xiupei, you disgusting woman, Im going to kill you." Tu Xiuyu couldnt stand it anymore. She ignored the terrible pain in her body, struggled to get up, then pounced on Tu Xiupei again.

Tu Xiupei lifted her leg and kicked Tu Xiuyus face. Her tone became even more disdainful as she said, "Youre useless! Youre dumb! No wonder the Third Prince doesnt like you. Youre so stupid. Even a blind person wouldnt want you."

Whoever had tried to disfigure her face should die!

Feng Tianlan looked at Tu Xiuyu, who had been sent flying, and struggled to stand once again. There was a footprint on her face from Tu Xiupeis kick, and she looked awful.

"You bloody sl*t. Im going to kill you. Im going to kill you!"

When she saw that Tu Xiuyu was going to try to attack again, Feng Tianlan calmly raised an eyebrow. "Take Tu Xiuyu out. All she does is try to hit and kill others. How unloving. These arent real sisters at all. Theyre just enemies."

Tu Xiuyu was a bit dumb, and that was the one good thing about her she was really stupid. She was also very aggressive, so she was the best person to use to tear away Tu Xiupeis mask of hypocrisy slowly.

At the end of the day, Feng Tianlan loved watching these girls fight and bite each other, even though they were on the same team.

When Tu Xiang heard this, his mouth twitched. Feng Tianlan had only broken up the fight and said that her sisters were unloving after watching them for such a long time. She was really terrible.

Feng Tianlan looked up to see Tu Xiupei wiping her face with medicine and mocked her, "Second Sister is so magnanimous and kind."

Tu Xiupei stopped wiping her face and glowered at Feng Tianlan before retorting coldly, "At least thats better than being cruel and vicious, like Eldest Sister."

They were both the pot calling the kettle black, so there was no point in continuing.

Feng Tianlan exhaled deeply, then looked at Feng Qingling and said, "So, other than those who have spoken up, kill the rest."

"Er" Feng Qingling froze for a while before clasping his hands and said, "Got it."

It didnt matter how many more servants were left. Tianlan had given orders, and he would kill them off. After all, they were all disloyal.

Hearing this, the servants started to kneel and grovel and beg for mercy. Their wails and howls filled the air. Some of them didnt have anything to say because they were from the lowest rung and werent allowed to be part of anything significant in the first place.

Feng Tianlan leisurely drank her tea and ignored all their pleading and begging for mercy.

Feng Qingling did not hesitate any longer. He drew a sharp sword, and with a quick wave, blood spurted everywhere as one body collapsed to the ground with a thud.

Feng Tianlan slowly put her teacup down and said calmly, "This is the Feng clan, not the Tu clan. Who is the head and who can protect you Im sure all of you are very clear on this now."

Besides those crying out for mercy, there were no other voices. She was waiting for one person in particular to speak up.




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