The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Making Marrow Cleansing Pills

"Sure," Mr. Chen quickly agreed, afraid to miss this golden opportunity.

Marrow Cleansing Pills! Even if they just sold one pill, it would be enough to revive the business!

"Have you thought about the consequences of doing this?"

Mr. Chen was well aware of what Feng Tianlan meant. The Ruyi Trade House and Tianhai Trade House were fierce competitors in the industry; if the Ruyi Trade House outperformed the Tianhai Trade House at an auction on the same day, the Tianhai Trade House would surely fight back. The Ruyi Trade House might even have to close as a result.

"We'll find a way to get around this, but…" Mr. Chen hesitated, looked at Feng Tianlan, then asked respectfully, "would our good sir here be willing to consider a long-term partnership with us?"

The Ruyi Trade House did not have many valuable items to offer, and this might be the only chance they had to outsell the Tianhai Trade House. However, if they could strike a deal with this young man, who could dish out so many Marrow Cleansing Pills at a time, then the Ruyi Trade House had a chance to return to its glory days—or even exceed them. Of course, if the young man refused, then the Ruyi Trade House would just continue being second to the Tianhai Trade House.

"I do intend to partner with you, and I hope you will not let me down. If you are unable to meet my expectations, I will have no choice but to partner with someone else," replied Feng Tianlan in a low voice.

Mr. Chen was trustworthy, but if he could not rise to the challenge, then she would not continue the partnership. She did not intend to help anyone who was not useful to her.

Mr. Cheng quickly agreed, "We will not let you down."

Feng Tianlan responded with a slight nod, making a note to herself to later figure out who was behind both the Ruyi Trade House and the Tianhai Trade House as well as the history behind these two companies.

Mr. Chen placed the blue pill furnace along with a little box into the silver jade storage ring and passed it carefully to Feng Tianlan. "Here is the payment for the Marrow Cleansing Pills. I have included a pill recipe as well; I hope you will accept it as a token of the Ruyi Trade House's sincerity in working with you."

"Alright." Feng Tianlan initially wanted to reject this additional gift, but since Mr. Chen had put it that way, she decided not to turn it down.

Mr. Chen got up to see Feng Tianlan to the door. "How may I address you, my good sir?"

"Mr. Shen." Feng Tianlan focused her Fire Element spiritual force on the storage ring, then placed it on the back of her hand. A faint silver beam surrounded her hand, sealing the ring to her.

"Do I send the ingredients to your residence or…?"

"I will come to retrieve them myself."

Feng Tianlan walked out of the Ruyi Trade House. Mr. Chen looked at the small figure walking out into the night when, suddenly, an idea crossed his mind. He instructed Shopkeeper Zhou, "Quickly write a letter to the master and tell him everything that happened today. Ask him what he intends to do."

He had a gut feeling that this small-framed young man could bring prosperity back to the Ruyi Trade House, and he hoped that the master would make full use of this opportunity.

Feng Tianlan trained during the day, then went back to the Ruyi Trade House to collect the ingredients at night and started making pills. The Marrow Cleansing Pills were difficult to make, and after spending an entire day and night on the task, she only managed to create three pills.

"Ma—Marrow Cleansing Pills?" Mr. Chen looked at the freshly-made pills lying inside the small box, and his eyes grew wide. He wanted to touch them, but couldn't bring himself to do so, afraid that he would dirty the bright, round, and priceless pills.

From the color, he could tell that these were Grade 8 Marrow Cleansing Pills. They were excellent pills with a fusion rate of ninety. Shopkeeper Zhou stared at the pills with huge eyes and was too taken aback to speak. He did not even dare blink, afraid that the pills might magically disappear.

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"The auction is tomorrow. I await your good news."

By the time Mr. Chen and Shopkeeper Zhou finally snapped out of their stupor, they realized that Feng Tianlan had already left. They could not help but slap themselves for the poor service they'd shown to this valuable customer.

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