The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 4

Chapter 4: I Dont Fancy Dining with a Dog

"Miss Good-for-nothing is challenging the genius maiden? Is she looking for humiliation and disgrace? This has got to be the funniest thing I've ever heard in the twenty-plus years I've been alive."

"If a 14-year-old First-stage Spiritualist cannot be called a 'genius,' what should we call her? A 'no-hoper-who-can't-even-cultivate'? Dust?"

"I heard that Feng Tianlan achieved the sixth level of Gathering Spirit when she was five years old, but she couldn't proceed further. Otherwise, her talent would be greater than the Feng Family's Third Miss."

"That was years ago. Look at her now, still at the sixth level of Gathering Spirit at the age of 15. People will die laughing when they hear that, right?"

"Why did Feng Tianlan call the Feng's Third Miss 'Tu Xiuyu'? Why do they have different last names despite being born from the same father?"

"The original name of the Feng Family's current head was Tu. He changed his name to Feng when he married into the Feng Family."


Everyone began to gossip about the Feng Family's past. They didn't forget to mock Feng Tianlan's overestimation of her abilities like she was hitting a stone with an egg.

Feng Xiuyu felt nothing but embarrassment and shame when she heard what they were saying. She wished that she could bury herself in a hole. She detested the word "Tu" and hated the fact that Feng Tianlan was still alive.

"Feng Tianlan, you're hopeless trash. Fighting me will only bring you death. I will let bygones be bygones if you crawl along the edge of the battle ring while barking like a dog." Feng Xiuyu grasped the sharpened sword in her hands. While her words sounded magnanimous, her expression showed disdain and ridicule.

Feng Tianlan sneered coldly, her beautiful eyes half-lidded. "Right back at you. Will you fight me or not?"

"You are the one who's seeking death."

Feng Tianlan's words angered Feng Xiuyu. She never imagined that a person who never fought back would dare intimidate her like that. Feng Tianlan had even exposed her original name in public. A long time ago, she used the name Tu!

"Looks like they're really gonna fight. Do you think that Feng Tianlan can overcome the odds and win?"

"That's impossible. Feng Tianlan, I'll kiss your shoes if you win."

"Yeah, Feng Tianlan, if you win, I'll...I'll run around naked."

"Haha, if you win, Feng Tianlan, I'll eat the battle ring."


A commotion broke out, and everyone started bragging about what they would do if Feng Tianlan won. Their boasts became more and more outrageous. In the end, they all began hollering at Feng Tianlan. Every sentence was more demeaning and insulting.

"Did you hear that? You are merely at the sixth level of Gathering Spirit. Not a single soul believes that you can win." Feng Xiuyu looked down at Feng Tianlan. What right does useless trash like Feng Tianlan have to issue her a challenge? It was a disgrace to her reputation as the young genius maiden.

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Si Rong, the Third Prince, wanted to humiliate Feng Tianlan while pleasing Feng Xiuyu. He said haughtily, "Feng Tianlan, I will dine with you if you win tonight."

"I'm sorry, but I don't fancy dining with a dog." Feng Tianlan replied mildly without any intention of sarcasm. She was simply stating the truth.

Si Rong was furious upon hearing Feng Tianlan's terse refusal. He glared at Feng Tianlan and pitied her condescendingly. "You're still young, so I won't hold it against you. However, my offer still stands. If you win, I'll dine with you; if you lose, I'll annul our marriage on the grounds of your two crimes—first, for insulting the prince, and second, offending the royal family's dignity."

Feng Tianlan had called him a dog in front of everyone. This was reason enough to request an annulment from his father, the Emperor. When Feng Xiuyu heard that the Third Prince would annul the engagement once Feng Tianlan lost, her eyes brightened immediately.

"Fight me, Feng Tianlan!"

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