The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Feng Xiuyu Wins the Auction for the Marrow Cleansing Pill

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She was still worried, nonetheless. Even though Feng Tianlan was already an Alchemist, Luo Yunzhu was still troubled by the Spiritual Master’s capabilities.

Feng Tianlan chuckled slightly, “Just trust in me.”

Luo Yunzhu looked at Feng Tianlan’s confident smile. For some reason, she could sense an air of trustworthiness about her. She couldn’t help but nod along. “Okay.”

She would trust in Tianlan this one time. When the battle finally commenced, she would pay extra attention and not allow Tianlan to come into harm’s way.

Just as someone called out, “a million bank bills,” Luo Yunzhu said casually, “Two Spiritual Crystals.”

Her voice might not be loud, but her message was unmistakably clear. Everyone who wanted to place their bids shut up at once. They all turned to Luo Yunzhu and erupted into murmurs.

“My goodness. Two Spiritual Crystals! The Luos are too generous with their bid.”

“There are less than twenty Spiritual Crystals in the whole of South Peace City. To think that the Luos would take out two crystals at once!”

“It seems like we are no longer qualified to bid. However, I remember that the Feng family has got three Spiritual Crystals? I wonder if they would be willing to give them up. After all, the Feng family’s Third Miss isn’t some worthless good-for-nothing.”

“… …”

Feng Xiang’s expression darkened as he glared at Luo Yuanjie and Luo Yunzhu. Those two were truly detestable. How could they put out two Spiritual Crystals just like that? He’d never planned to use any Spiritual crystals, even if it meant spending millions of Bank Bills. However, it seemed like he no longer had a choice.

“Father, forget it. I do not lack in talent. Anyway, we already have a Spirit Boosting Pill.”

Feng Xiuyu shot a death glare at Feng Tianlan. She instinctively felt that Feng Tianlan was the one behind all this. After all, Luo Yunzhu had always been protective of Feng Tianlan. Feng Xiang’s face clouded as the auctioneer called the bid twice. Before he could answer his daughter, he raised his hand and said, “Three Spiritual Crystals.”

A low-tier Spiritual Crystal was worth up to 90 million. Three crystals could add up to over 300 million! They were pouring in all they had.

“Father.” Feng Xiuyu was both thrilled and shocked. She never thought that her father would spend such a fortune on her.

“Those Spiritual Crystals were always meant for you, anyway. Even if we spend them, there will always be more. Your elder sister will give one to you,” Feng Xiang explained, his voice still severe.

While practitioners could use the Spiritual Qi contained within low-tier Spiritual Crystals in their cultivation, they could only unlock this qi when they became Spiritual Masters. However, once they surpassed the Spiritual Grandmaster stage, the crystals would again become useless. Therefore, while these crystals were incredibly precious, there was never a shortage of them in the Feng family. There were plenty of low-tier Spiritual Crystals in the sect in which her eldest daughter was currently training.

“Okay.” Feng Xiuyu looked smugly at Feng Tianlan and Luo Yunzhu. Those two good-for-nothings could continue dreaming about turning the tables. She was never short on resources for cultivation. No matter what, her genius sister was still training in the sect.

“Three Spiritual Crystals…is there a higher bid?” The auctioneer scanned the crowd and asked three times. Finally, he brought down the hammer and sealed the deal. “Grade 9 Marrow Cleansing Pill, sold for three Spiritual Crystals. Let us invite the Feng Clan Head to collect the Marrow Cleansing Pill.”

Feng Chengzhi looked at Feng Xiang, brown-nosing. “Feng Clan Head, may I?” He still wanted to take another look at the Perfect Grade 9 Marrow Cleansing Pill.

Feng Xiang would never miss the chance to get into a Grade 3 Alchemist’s good books. He nodded, saying, “If it isn’t too much trouble, Alchemist Feng.”

Feng Chengzhi went up to the stage and placed the Marrow Cleansing Pill respectfully in his two palms. He walked to Feng Xiang and asked again, “Feng Clan Head, may I borrow the Marrow Cleansing Pill for one night for a closer examination?”

He was genuinely curious about how this Alchemist had managed to refine a Perfect Grade 9 Marrow Cleansing Pill. Feng Xiang frowned, then looked at Feng Chengzhi again. He was thinking. Not only was Feng Chengzhi a Grade 3 Alchemist, but the Tianhai Trade House behind him had far deeper origins. He was not someone he could offend. On the other hand, lending the Alchemist the pill for a night would please him. It was not a bad deal.

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