The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 52

Chapter 52: I Am Going to Kill You

Chapter 52: I Am Going to Kill You

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Feng Tianlan wiped the blood from her mouth and raised her eyes to look coldly back at Feng Xiuyu. She said, her tone dripping with sarcasm, “Sure. If I win, I’ll say ‘you’re a despicable woman’ three times.”

A First-stage Spiritualist was only one level below a Mid-stage Spiritualist, but the difference in power was significant. If Feng Tianlan could not hold out until her plans took effect, she would probably lose this fight.

“Go to hell, then!”

Feng Xiuyu did not want to waste time talking nonsense with Feng Tianlan. She focused her Spiritual Force into her sword. A rainbow aura surrounded the sword and flew out at an electrifying speed, filling the sky as it cut through the air toward Feng Tianlan. Then, it wrapped itself around Feng Tianlan so that nobody could see clearly what was happening inside.



When Luo Yunzhu and Chuling saw this, they stood up in horror.

“Father! Rescue Tianlan, please!” Luo Yunzhu grabbed Luo Yuanjie’s arm, and her eyes reddened from worry. “Father, please, I beg you. Rescue her, now!”

Chuling clasped her hands and cried as she watched with wide eyes and pursed lips. She knew that the battle ring was surrounded by a force field to prevent anyone from interfering from outside the ring. Even if she were willing to sacrifice herself on behalf of Feng Tianlan, it would not be possible.

“That’s a Mid-stage Spiritualist skill—the Rainbow Sword.”

“Battling a Mid-stage Spiritualist and the Rainbow Sword…Feng Tianlan’s going to die.”

“She overestimated herself and challenged a genius when she’s a good-for-nothing. That’s as good as a death-wish, so she doesn’t deserve any sympathy.”

“Hoho! I’m going to be rich from this! I’ve bet a million gold coins on Feng Xiuyu winning!”

“Feng Xiuyu is truly the goddess and idol we should be worshipping and learning from.”

Very few spectators sympathized with Feng Tianlan, and most of them were murmuring among themselves about how a good-for-nothing did not deserve any pity points for trying to fight Feng Xiuyu. Si Mobai merely frowned a little, but as he watched the rainbow aura fly around, he relaxed his eyebrows and a little smile appeared on his face. He found all of this very interesting.

Feng Xiuyu continued standing with her sword in hand as she watched the rainbow aura fly forth. Her lips curled upward in a cold smile, and she was sure that this would definitely kill Feng Tianlan. At her level, no matter how good she was, she would never be able to escape from this aura.

Just when Feng Xiuyu was about to celebrate killing Feng Tianlan, the rainbow aura suddenly exploded in seven different directions and headed toward her like a net made from seven streams of light.

“Feng Tianlan!”

PSSHHHH! Feng Xiuyu saw that the light was coming for her, and instinctively changed the position of the sword to block the force and protect herself from danger. Even so, she felt the wind rush past her with a continuous whooshing sound. Pain filled her body as her clothes were ripped into pieces. The shredded pieces of cloth were taken by the wind toward the stands and fell upon the spectators. BANG! Their Spiritual Forces collided, causing them to both fly several yards apart and creating a three-foot-wide crack in the ground.

Once she steadied herself, Feng Xiuyu felt very cold, and she glanced down to find that there wasn’t a single piece of cloth left on her body. Those light green pieces of cloth that had flown away earlier were her clothes! Feng Tianlan had destroyed all her clothes and revealed her naked in front of tens of thousands of people. This was a great humiliation.

“I’m going to KILL you!!” Feng Xiuyu roared.

Disregarding her nakedness, she focused all her Spiritual Force into her sword. With a leap, she sent thousands of rainbow flashes heading for Feng Tianlan’s throat. Even though she had initially breathed a sigh of relief when Feng Tianlan had suddenly fought back, Luo Yunzhu’s eyes widened and grew anxious again. The Rainbow Sword was about to pierce Feng Tianlan’s throat…

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