The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Si Rong Wants to Annul Their Engagement

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Si Mobai furrowed his brows at Feng Xiang’s response. Wasn’t he too blatantly biased?

“Since I’m her elder sister, do I deserve to be killed by her? Is it normal for a younger sister to kill her elder sister? Is it also acceptable for a father to kill his daughter?” Feng Tianlan interrogated Feng Xiang with a chilling look.

From the first day she had taken over this body, she’d realized that Feng Xiang favored Feng Xiuyu and had tried, time and again, to kill her. Despite being a spirit from a different world, she could still feel the extent of his ruthlessness in her bones and understood how hurt the original owner of this body must have been. It was little wonder she was filled with so much hatred.

Feng Xiang removed his outer coat and covered Feng Xiuyu with it. Then, he carried her in his arms and snorted as he said confidently, “I am your father. I’m the one who gave you life. If I want you to live, you’ll live. But if I want you to die, you will certainly die.”

To him, this was a father’s right! Feng Tianlan opened her mouth to respond, but she realized it was pointless. She could not even debate him because such a man had no right to be a father. He did not even deserve to be called ‘Father.’ He was remorseless. She’d never seen anyway so shameless!

“Your Majesty, my dear father, your son hereby requests to annul his engagement to Feng Tianlan.” Si Rong ran toward the battle ring, then knelt in the direction of the Emperor and shouted his request as loudly as possible so that all present could hear it clearly.

“Feng Tianlan has turned the tables and defeated Feng Xiuyu, but Third Prince still wants to annul the engagement?”

“Didn’t you hear the Feng Clan Head say that Feng Tianlan is a ruthless woman? Third Prince must have finally seen her true colors and is now anxious to annul the engagement!”

“Today’s duel was full of heart-stopping action, I won’t comment further, and everyone can judge for themselves.”

“But, somehow, no matter how hard Feng Tianlan tries, she just doesn’t get any love. They’re both his daughters, but one is treated like the apple of his eye while the other is treated like dirt.”

“Isn’t that because one is useful to him and the other isn’t? It’s not surprising behavior coming from a man like him.”

“But, this time, Feng Xiuyu was indecently exposed in public. Everyone here has now seen her without her clothes on. How is Third Prince going to bear this humiliation?”

“I just thought about how, only a few days ago, that dog pounced on, you know…Third Prince must be a very magnanimous man.”

After hearing the crowd murmuring, Si Rong looked over at Feng Xiuyu as Feng Xiang carried her out. She was covered by a coat, but the pretty legs sticking out and swinging in full view were indeed an eyesore. Did he really have to live with this humiliation? Given that Feng Xiang greatly favored Feng Xiuyu (and she had the potential to become great), for the sake of inheriting the throne, he was prepared to accept everything, including this humiliation.

“Rong’er, do you really want to annul your engagement?” The emperor, Si Ming, asked Si Rong solemnly.

“Yes.” Si Rong bowed his head and continued in a serious voice, “It is true that Yu’er was the first to deliver a deadly blow. But that’s only because, before this, Feng Tianlan used her whip to hit Yu’er and also tried to disfigure Yu’er’s face. Your son cannot marry such a ruthless and heartless woman.”

Si Ming looked over at Feng Tianlan, who was standing with her arms by her side. Her brow was relaxed, and she did not look even the slightest bit angry about being rejected. She looked so calm that it was as if this entire affair were none of her business. She looked like this because she didn’t care for this engagement. She cared even less than Si Rong.

“Being engaged to Feng Tianlan is your son’s greatest humiliation. I would rather be celibate and become a monk than marry Feng Tianlan,” pleaded Si Rong as he kowtowed to his father.

Si Ming looked at the unconscious Feng Xiuyu and asked pointedly, “You don’t mind?”

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