The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Feng Tianlan, Do You Want to Annul This Engagement?

Chapter 55: Feng Tianlan, Do You Want to Annul This Engagement?

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“Your son loves Yu’er dearly. She is only in this situation because of what Feng Tianlan has done, and not by her own choice. To abandon her now would prove that I am heartless—I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Si Rong looked over at the unconscious Feng Xiuyu with a face full of love. Feng Xiuyu had just started to regain consciousness when she heard what Si Rong said. She was immediately touched, weeping as she called out, “Big Brother Rong!”

She had indeed fallen in love with the right person. No matter what happened, her beloved Big Brother Rong would love her unconditionally. Loving him with all her heart and soul was worth it.

Tsk tsk, Feng Tianlan chuckled mockingly when she heard Si Rong say such mushy things, despising him even more.

“If you want me to marry you, I’d rather shave my head and become a monk,” sneered Si Rong as he turned to look at Feng Tianlan with great disdain.

Even though she had turned the tides and defeated Yu’er, Feng Xiang had not changed sides. He still wanted Feng Tianlan dead. In the grand scheme of things, Feng Tianlan was still useless to him. Feng Tianlan’s lips curled into a small smile. It was just as Yunzhu had said: Why should he pick up the sh*t that even dogs don’t want to eat?

Si Rong continued to grovel desperately as if he would rather die than marry Feng Tianlan. “So what if she’s turned the tables? He still wants to annul the engagement. There must be a problem with Feng Tianlan. She’s being rejected because she’s completely heartless.”

“Feng Tianlan is heartless. She brought a dog to the Fragrance Restaurant and splashed boiling soup in Feng Xiuyu’s face–and that’s on top of whipping Feng Xiuyu.”

“Even though all that has happened, Third Prince still loves Feng Xiuyu. Such a loving and loyal couple deserve to stay together. They are truly a match made in heaven, a couple ordained by the gods.”

“But Feng Tianlan is just a good-for-nothing—and ugly woman, at that. But she still likes Third Prince, so she’s definitely going to make a scene.”

Luo Yunzhu was so angry when she heard these words that she wanted to tear their mouths off their faces. Anybody could see that the dog had not behaved normally that day. It had acted like that because it had eaten the food meant for Tianlan, and the whole dinner had initially been intended as a trap for Tianlan. If Tianlan had been the one to eat the food instead of the dog, Luo Yunzhu could not imagine what would have happened after that. As for the bowl of boiling soup, Feng Xiuyu had thrown it at Tianlan first, but the Wargod had splashed it back. So, technically, it was the Wargod who had disfigured Feng Xiuyu. Again, nothing to do with Tianlan.

These people are totally shameless, twisting the truth like this. How disgusting, thought Luo Yunzhu as she glared at those who spoke the loudest, clenching her teeth tightly.

Si Ming looked at the couple in front of him for a while longer, then turned toward Feng Tianlan and finally said in a low voice, “You were betrothed as a baby. But I made this agreement with your mother, and you have the final say in this matter. I will respect your decision.”

The moment the emperor said this, there was an uproar in the arena.

“So, His Majesty is implying that Feng Tianlan is the only one who can call off the engagement?”

“The Feng Clan are not ordinary people. They can even reject a royal engagement.”

“If the decision lies with Feng Tianlan, then she’s not going to annul the engagement. After all, she’s the one who loves Third Prince to death.”

“Given her cruel nature and her penchant for breaking up people, I’m sure she’s not going to annul the engagement.”

“Being married to a prince is such an honor. Since her status is so lowly, she surely won’t let this engagement go.”

The spectators were very sure that Feng Tianlan was not going to annul her engagement because she had publicly confessed her love for Si Rong before. They were confident that everything that had happened recently was just her playing hard to get.

Si Mobai glanced at Feng Tianlan and saw that her face remained expressionless, even after hearing all these comments. There was neither anger nor rebuttal; it was as if she were not involved in any of it.

Such an unmovable state of mind is unattainable unless she has gone through a period of deep pain and sadness, he thought to himself. What did she go through in her previous life? What was her last life like?

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